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Hi Jewelcat

I was shocked to read your post, and can't believe this is happening in my own "back yard".

I also live in East County. I watch the KRON news each evening when I get home. We subscribe to the Times, which we read every day. I have seen/heard nothing of this until now. When were these articles published? I'm thinking that we need to contact the reporter who covers the Antioch area and re-ignite her interest.

Also, if Gary Bogue were aware of this I know he would devote some of his popular column to this problem.

Please let me know if there's anything I can help with.
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I had written a letter and stuck it in my draft folder. It is to your mayor, and I just re-checked it and added to it and sent it. Here is a copy:

My name is Mary Anne Miller and I live in Sweet Home Oregon. I am a native Southern Californian though, and for the last 14 years, I have been active in rescuing abused and abandoned cats. Recently, through a cat newsletter that I belong to, I became aware of the disappearance of over 300 cats from your city.

I read with interest (and disbelief) statements made that 200 missing cats is "normal" because they "stray". Well sir, they do stray, but they do not stray far, unless it is mating season and the irresponsible owners have not spayed or neutered their cat. Then they go off in a quest for the female they scent in the wind. But they do no vanish in great numbers such as the ones in your city appear to be doing UNLESS they are being stockpiled in great numbers by people with evil intent and being sold for research.

The attitude of the gentleman that have responded to this dilemma, and it is a dilemma Sir, has been an almost apathetic shrug, so what, it is only a cat. True, a cat cannot vote, but their owners can, and you may very well have a problem on your hands especially if you are considering running for another term. No voter likes to see an official dismiss their problems and mock their pain. Plus, with the advent of the Internet, this story is no longer a local issue, it has been sent out by others all along the network, and I am sure you have been deluged by emails by now. If not, you soon will be as will your constituents.

I am sure you are proud of your city, and you may have done great things in helping to establish an animal shelter, so why drag your feet and whine that there is no "proof" of said crime and have your constituents say that the police have "more important things to occupy their time" then the disappearance of cats"? If these were missing children, and I am sure some of the owners feel like their children are indeed missing, you wouldn't hesitate to find the person behind this.

Someone is taking great advantage of your apathy Honorable Sir. They are stealing all the cats they can get their hands on and you are letting them get away with it! This does not speak well of an elected official, and I am sure the repercussions as this story continues to have a life in cyberspace, will cause you some (I hope) twinges of conscience and you will hopefully do the right thing, and light a fire under the police department for them to start an investigation. I have seen what evil people do to helpless cats, please do not make these felines more helpless than they already are by sitting back and resting on your laurels and ignoring this problem.


Mary Anne Miller
Sweet Home Oregon
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To: Mary Ann, Sophie, & Ray

Terrific letter Mary Ann! And I should have known that a fellow Sweet Home, Oregonian would write such a powerful letter.
You meet people in the strangest places, don't you? Although, I was born in Santa Monica, I lived my first six years on this earth in Sweet Home, Oregon. My brother and sister were born there (Portland and Lebenon Hospitals). We even still keep in contact with one family that still lives in Sweet Home, they were neighbors on our street. It is indeed a small world!

Thanks for all of your support!

Sophie $ Ray,

I will be glad to fill you in on the details of the media exposure which does include several Gary Bogue columns, but first, where in the East County do you live? You can send me a personal email if you don't want to post this information publically. I am curious, because this is the problem I have been facing.
As much media exposure as we have had I consistantly run into people who don't know anything about what is happening here and haven't heard about it from anybody else. You see, that is because our police dept and our city leaders have chosen to ignore the problem, or better stated, they have chosen to believe in an old wives tale which tells them that 300 cats disappearing from families in their community is not a problem it is just normal cat behavior? Our own police dept and our own city government have been doing everything in their power to down play these horrible tragedies.
I just might need some help in the very near future and if your offer still stands, please do send me an email to let me know exactly where you live. I can't be in every location out here and I now have some helpers located in different East Co.Co.Co. areas and I could always use more help.

I look forward to hearing from you!


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Hi Jewelcat

I am in Pleasant Hill.

I am going to be out in Antioch this weekend for a birthday celebration. If it's alright with you, I would like to make copies of the article(s) and pass them out to the people I'll see. If OK, please advise the date that the "best" article or best overview of the problem was published and I will go out at lunch and copy it onto a bright paper.

This tactic worked for my coworker who was facing a neighborhood problem that wasn't getting enough media exposure or attention.
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Please keep us updated on this problem. I cannot believe these people!!! Jewelcat-you said you think you know who is taking them. If you can't tell us, I understand that you don't want to clue them in but do you have any idea what they have them for??????? It is killing me!

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Unfortunately, Steph, if I told you the reason that our suspects are taking the cats then everyone will automatically know who our suspects are and we can't take the risk of leaking out this information.

Believe me as soon as I am able I will let everyone know what we have uncovered.

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Latest up date. The new total is now 297 cats missing.

Horrific Find! My neighbors across the street, just informed everyone that of the sudden their cat became mysteriously very ill last weekend and finally their kitty just couldn't hang on any longer and he died yesterday . . . he had been poisoned!
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Hi Jewelcat

I'm sure you are busy with all of this and have not had time to reply to my earlier posts. I understand how that can be, but would like to ask again that you reply to this with some information, as I would like to help.

Because of the procrastinating pack rat that I am , I happen to have the past two months Contra Costa Times (give or take a few issues) in my recycle bin. I hadn't heard from you, so I looked over the front pages of them. Unfortunately I could not find the front page stories on your missing cats.

I'd like to know when the front page articles ran in the Contra Costa Times, and/or the dates that Gary Bogue mentioned this in his column. I have mentioned the cat disappearances to a couple of people I know in Antioch, and unfortunately they have not heard anything about this. I hope you understand my need to have something "on paper" to show them.

As I said in an earlier post, I will be out in Antioch at my cousin's for a birthday celebration this weekend. Their neighbors and some friends will be there, and I'd like to alert them of this problem. Almost everyone has a cat and I'm sure they want to protect them as best they can.

I look forward to hearing from you soon!
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Dear Sophie,

I did respond several times. I tried to submit my reply to you about three times for but some reason my reply would not post to the message board. The only way I could get my reply to you was to send you a personal email which apparently you did not receive.
The front page story I referred to was written and published in The Antioch Ledger newspaper which is delivered to local residents as a part of the Co.Co. Times. I explained in my email to you that if you are a resident of P.H. then more than likely you did not receive this edition of the Antioch Ledger. You can find a copy of this article at the Co. Co. Times web site www.hotcoco.com or you can click on this link to read the story,

Please bear in mind that much has happened since this story ran in the paper, but most of the information is located throughtout the threads connected to my message posting here at The Cate Site.

PLease let me know if you have any trouble with the link to the newspaper story and I will try another method.

Thanks for your help!
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Hi Jewelcat

Thank you for your prompt reply. I did not realize you were trying to get in touch with me. I checked for a personal message but it says I have none.

Thanks for the link. It looks like a couple of the articles ran 29th December and 20th April in the Ledger Dispatch. Armed with this knowledge, I am off to the library at lunch to retreive hard copies of the newspapers to photocopy onto a bright colored paper. I will pass these out to my Antioch people and give them extra copies to pass around their neighborhood.

Thanks for your persistance on this issue.

Let me know if there's anything to be done locally.
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Jewelcat, I'm sorry I didn't get back to you with some more material about how cats don't just stray in masses and become lost. I will try and get some soon - I've been in bed for the past couple of weeks, but now I finally got access to the computer again.
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Thanks Anne. Just let me know when you have everything and I will prepare to forward all of the material to the appropriate parties.

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