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what are your cats favorite table foods?

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i only give my cats a tiny bit of the table foods they like once in a while as a little treat but i think its interesting to see the difference in tastes

Sabastian: he loves yogurt, and doritoes

Nipper: loves bacon, pepperoni, beef sticks...any type of meat, also he loves cheez-its ( we caught him trying to pull one out of the box with his paws a few times)

both of course love tuna and salmon, which i eat alot of, so when i make it for myself they smell it right away and i give them both a piece.

i havent given princess a taste of anything cause she hasnt shown any interest.
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Odd enough, Maia prefers her dry Cat Chow over anything. Although the majority of the time she will enjoy certain chicken recipes, sometimes a bit of burger or skirt steak, and definitely loves the tuna water from chunk light tuna in water, and turkey. More then anything she loves to lick the plate or bowl later, especially after sauces.......
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Isabella- She loves strawberry yogurt, turkey, baked chicken (white meat only), tuna, cheese

Kojak- doritos, turkey, chicken, tuna, cheese, cheez-its, dried maccaroni, hot dog

Velvet- cheese, chicken, doritos, tuna, butter (if she gets the chance!), cool whip, sausage hot dogs, turkey (she was SOOO bad at Thanksgiving, she went around to all of our guests and meowed ever so sweetly at them for Turkey I guess they felt bad for her since she's they all gave her some of their turkey)

They don't get table scraps often...usually just their kitty food, but one in a while they'll get a little pinch as a treat.
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raw fresh salmon and tuna, and rare beef
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Zebra goes crazy over cheesies. I bought a bag of crunchy cheesies last week and everytime I went to eat some Zebra would jump up and sit right beside my head trying to get them.

Milo always tries to get ketchup off our plates but I don't let him have it. He goes crazy when my fiance makes a tuna sandwich and we always have to give him a little piece.
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Only 2 of mine are real table scrap eaters. Little one LOVES popcorn (as much to play with as to eat), potato chips w/ french onion dip, chicken, fish, the usual. She doesn't surprise me though because she spent the first 4 months of her life as a barn cat and probably has a cast iron stomach.

Gizmo is my begger. No, actually, he's my thief! Unless we have company we normally eat in the family room using snack trays. Giz will sit on the arm of the couch and if I'm distracted by the TV or DH, he will literally try to steal whatever I'm eating off my plate. He has tried to steal whole T-bone steaks before! DH tried to break him of it one night when he had HOT hot wings. He started feeding him little bits with just a little sauce...and he loved them. Even if they were drenched in hot sauce Giz ate them right up! Didn't seem to hurt him, although cleaning the litter box the next day was interesting....
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mine love fish, chicken, and lunchmeat (sometimes) and shrimp but I barely give them table food because then they don't eat their kibble. They also like cereal. mainly cheerios if I am eating cheerios they'll dive right in. mostly for the milk. Oh Miagi likes nacho cheese doritos! He's a mooch. Tiger doesn't really like crunchy stuff except for cat treats and cereal. Miagi & Tiger will eat popcorn too if I let them.
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My cat loves tuna, chicken, turkey, beef, pork, and fish.

She also likes vegetables too or something green.

Cats are pretty smart.

I'd have to eat something green too to help digest all that meat.
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Strangely, Harley hates people food. I've tried giving her a piece of turkey, chicken, steak, eggs...she just turns her nose up at everything. Even raw meat. I made her a turkey liver for Thanksgiving, special just for her. She made a face at me like I was trying to poison her.

The only thing she likes once in a great while is cheddar cheese. And it has to be yellow cheddar, not white.
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Zane loves chicken, fish, pork, beef, lamb, but oddly enough NOT cheese. He'll act interested, but if you give him some he'll just sniff at it and walk away.
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Both Rocky and Oliver love tuna and chicken. I've brought them turkey and roast beef from the deli before; sometimes they're interested, sometimes not.

Oliver loves butter pecan and vanilla ice cream. Rocky's not interested in ice cream but does like cream cheese and butter.

Oliver always checks out whatever I'm eating, but once I offer him a piece, he's not interested.
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Mine normally don't get anything from the table. With that said, when Stumpy had severe stomatitis and wouldn't eat hardly anything, DH found out that he really loves deli ham. So everytime one of us makes a ham sandwich, Stumpy begs for a nibble. He ate 2 whole slices one day, but at the time, it was the only thing he would eat.

Scarlett raided the table one time and bit into my pulled pork sandwich when I wasn't looking. Since then, she begs for anything that even has a single micron of pork in it. She conveniently sits in our laps at meal time when there is a glimmer of pork on the table. And that's the only time she sits in our laps at meal time. We never give her any, but she persists. She's been doing this for about 5 years now.

I wonder why they don't make pork flavored cat food. At least 2 of mine would eat it.
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I have a cat that will eat any table or "human" food he can get. I can't tell what his favorite is because he eats it all! I don't give it to him, he just finds it and gets it for himself. He's been known to steal whole raw steaks, muffins, cookies, and entire ham sandwiches. You'd think I never fed him!
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All three of mine have their favorites when it comes to people food.

Sassy like chicken, potatoes but only with gravy, and yogurt.

Linus is a little more picky and other then cat food will only eat bananas.

Pixie insist on trying everything I am eating, however her most favorite things are bean sprouts and cheesy popcorn.
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My boy, Stratus. likes soy sauce. -_- I never give it to him, but he really tried hard to get to it when I use it. Actually, he likes just about anything that I eat. He used to be real bad about stealing my food, but I taught him better (or rather, Mr. Spraybottle taught him. ;D).

Sassy likes hard-boiled egg yolk, and chicken. She also really liked popcorn, but I can't ever give it to her, because I like the really buttery stuff. =3
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Lucy loves the chicken pieces from Progresso chicken noodle soup, hot dogs, soy sauce and cheese. Moose will eat sauerkraut and broccoli. Rocky's not fond of "people food".
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Snowbell LOVES crunchy chinese noodles (like you put chow mein over) and he also likes cheeze nips. I don't intentionally give them to him, I just get up in the morning and find he has been on the table and open whatever I left out and helped himself
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well i just discovered something else nipper likes, earlier today BF must have been eating peanut butter bars and he left one on the end table...well i come home after shopping to find nipper crunching away at it, i took it off him tho cause i dont think chocolate is very good for animals
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Marley will eat anything but his favorites are:

Cheese, peanut butter, chicken, ground beef.....and he likes my dogs kibble!! If I ever drop a piece on the floor, he is fast to run over and gobble it up
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