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I keep trying!

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I see the deer in my neighbor's yard almost every night now! The other day there were four of them grazing. The problem is that they come out late at night and I can't get close enough to get a decent picture... I'm gonna have my bf bring his camera over and see if I can get some shots with it... I wanna show ya'll the deer!!!!!
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My cat would love to look out the window for hours staring at those deer.

She's like a big tiger trapped in a small cat body.
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I love seeing deer!

The only problem is they cause ALOT of car accidents here. So they get killed alot around here by vehicles...either that or by the cops that have to shoot them after they have been hit because they are suffering
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Oh honey, I've been trying to get pics of deer in our backyard for 2 years now! I've come to the conclusion that unless you have a telephoto lens or a very tame deer it's next to impossible. I love deer too! To me, they are magical!
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Keep trying with those pictures....my opinion is to never give up! I'm sure one day it will just happen, and bingo! Nice photos for us to see
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