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play sucess!

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Squeaky doesn't like any of the toys I've gotten her. She'll bat around a crinkly ball for a minute or 2 if I roll it to her, and she'll half heartedly go after a dangly thing on a stick, but everything else, nada.

Except for the laser pointer. Seriously, she went absolutely crazy over it. She was tearing around the apartment after it like a kitten. I've never seen her move so fast

In conclusion, if your cat doesn't like to play, try a laser pointer.
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have you tried the Cat Dancer? all 5 of mine like it, too...
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hmmmm. the more I hear about these laser pointers, the more curious I am... hmmm.

Congrats on getting your kitty a toy she likes.
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Mine adore the laser pointer - other toys are hit or miss. They don't seem keen on balls or mousies, but then again, I'll sometimes find said balls or mousies in different parts of the house, so they must be getting some use! One play guarantee - whenever I think about returning something to Petsmart, it becomes a big hit!
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