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I'm making progress!

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For the past couple days Nora has been licking her bowl clean from the 1/4 can of wet food I've been giving her twice a day. I use the small 3oz cans. Today, even with dry food sitting in their bowls next to their feet, they were both begging for wet food when I was in the kitchen! I gave them a second 1/4 can each, and I had given them some this morning. Nora ate most of hers but left a little, and Milo gobbled his down in record time. He even polished off what Nora left behind. LOL He was hungry! LOL We'll see if they are so demanding for it, or even want it, at bed time when I usually give it to them.

Milo knows that I wash their dishes every time before I feed them (I only have two bowls for each of them, one for dry and one for wet, so I have to wash between feedings). Now, every time I'm at the sink, or even in the kitchen sometimes, he comes crying at my feet. LOL It's pretty cute. He has the tiniest, cutest meow. I told my husband that he must be confused, since he is a boy he needs to have a big manly roar. He said that he must not have got that memo. LOL
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When mine were kittens I gave them 2 oz each twice a day and free feed dry food. Now as adults, I feed them 3 oz cans twice a day plus free feed dry food. Some times they eat more some times less. None of them are overweight, and some are not big dry food eaters. In my situation this is working. If they are kittens they play hard and use up a lot of energy so they are hungry.
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They had dry food in their bowls, sitting literally two inches from their feet. They aren't starved or anything. I give them 1/2c dry food in the morning to eat, and when they finish that they get another 1/2c. They are grazers, and usually don't end up eating all of what I've given them by the time we go to bed.
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These kitties can be so funny, they either eat everything in sight or nothing appeals to them. Mine can be so finicky, they can be impossible.
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Oh.... I only wish....
I tried everything.... I tried MANY different wet food brands, from great to junk; Baby food, Plain cooked chicken, sprinkling parmesan cheese on the food...
Lucky has eyes (or actually mouth) for dry food only! She will go hungry, but she wont eat...

I even tried cheetos, cheese, pizza - I know these are bad....... I just wanted to see if there was a slight chance of her eating anything but dry food... nope - she really won't contemplate trying anything!

Some of my friends say I am lucky because of this... But my concern is: what if she gets sick in the future? What is she going to eat?

I want what is best for her, and I know the best is wet food... I feel bad I can't do anything about it...
Anyway: Congratulations, and sorry for the brief hijack!
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