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here we go Again

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I swear I am the worst foster mom on earth, I fall in love with everyone! I have been fostering a litter just as a favor to my sister-in-law, she took in a darling little black stray who had 4 kittens. When the kittens were old enough I got them into the shelter on the condition that I foster them till there was room. Well that was a few months ago,
2 of them were adopted right from foster care, my SIL decided the mom needs a friend so they are taking back one, and that leaves me with one kitten, the tiny black runt, we call him Mini. The shelter has lots of ordinary looking black cats so I don't want to send him, especially by himself. Sooooooo, looks like Mini is here to stay, my huband is hoping he gets adopted too, but, the other black ones were long-haired, people seem to love those.

he is a sweet little thing, very friendly and affectionate. I am such a sucker, I will have 5 cats!
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I also am a sucker for any cat. I have however, started to narrow down my selections of cats and going to ANY shelter is a bad thing for me...I feel sorry for them and want to give them all homes. I can't take the crying in the cages, it just breaks my heart.

Good for you that you will give this little one a home. All cats need homes, and in my opinion, once you have 2, you can always have alot more. I find the "work" involved with owning cats isn't work...it's all a part of loving something/someone...it's soooooo worth it.
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