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Kitten Won't Sleep?

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My kitten only sleeps 4-5 hours at night, so I end up getting woke up around 5am every morning now, anyway to stop this?

She has plenty of toys and things to do, I don't understand why she feels she needs to jump around and chase her tail right on the top of my head every morning.

Any suggestions?
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bless. When my cat was a kitten he was bursting with energy. Everything was a toy or it was edible I think she's just being a kitten doing what kittens do! You say that she has lots of toys which is great and I would suggest that you play with her for a good while before bed. Get her running around playing and tiring herself out That way she will be more sleepy before bed. That is really all I can suggest. Shutting your bedroom door is an option but then you will miss the true magic of your cat coming to bed and sleeping with you all night cuddled up! I am sure that it will improve as she gets older. How long have you had her and how old is she?
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I'd like to offer hope and positive thoughts but Jack is 16 months old and still acts like that--he's going through his troubled teenage years we say....

Ignore the behavior--if you feed the fire it will only get bigger!

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That is the wonderful world of kittens! They do grow out of about 2 years. Then they just become old boring cats (J/K). I agree try to tire him out as much as possible during the day. If you don't have a laser light invest in one. They are pretty cheap and can be found in a hardware store. Kittens will chase that light for HOURS, and probably have you laughing on the floor.

Unfortunately, kittens inner alarm clock is set somewhere between 4:00 and 5:00 am. Don't ask me why. I used to put my first kitten out of the bedroom when he woke me up...just make sure he has a lot of toys to play with and he can't get into anything harmful.
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kittens are so special
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Kittens are hyper its normal.
My Sasha is 2 and still that way.
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As everyone else has said, this is the glory of kittenhood........ Kittens sleep less then adult cats, and will constantly look for encouragement and interactive play. As frustrating as it may be right now, remind yourself that this is normal and when/how the bond between you will be developed. You are the mommy kitty and your kittens growing experiences are in your hands.
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no matter what time Lucky sleeps, she is waking me up for breakfast at 6am. If she sleeps at 4am..... She is still waking me up at 6!!! Oh, and she will not even have the courtesy of waiting for me to eat MY breakfast before she goes back to bed ... She is SOOOOO cute, and SSSSOOOOOOO loving when she wakes me up, that I can't help it but to go with her and give her love and breakfast, of course.
What I have learned, however is this: She is waking me up for breakfast - so the quickest I take care of the problem, the sooner I can get back to bed. So that's what I do... and we sleep happily for the rest of the night.
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I get lots of 'cupboard love' in the morning when he wants his brekky Although I do make sure that I put a handful of good dry food out over night in case he gets hungry. That way I avoid the kitty mischief that occurs in the early hours by a certain little ginger fluff ball demanding attention for food
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