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All I want for christmas is my2 front canines

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I need some pity please. Bink Lost her 2 front canine teeth, and they were the most beautiful teeth.

She had a fall. She jumped down onto the kitchen linolium, her feet slid out and she whacked her chin, hard, on the floor. One canine tooth I could see was broke. I took her to the vet and she had surgery scheduled to take the root out. She came home with both gone. I am mouring her kitty smile.

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Aww, poor Bink! I hope she feels better soon.

Kitty had one of his canines removed and to be honest I only notice when he does a huge yawn.

I`m sure Bink will be fine
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Awww poor baby Joey has lost his 2 bottom fangs on 2 different occasions
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Aww poor Bink
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Poor Bink! *hugs*

Chynna only has 1 canine tooth left. She had most of her teeth extracted in April. She still has one canine and all of the small front one top and bottom. And some smaller back ones, but mostly she is toothless. She manages well with just one canine. It's the back teeth she misses
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Aww poor kitty!

Thankfully she won't miss it since she doesn't have to kill prey or dig into carcasses. I'm sure it's a trade she'd be willing to make

Sorry to hear about the fall.
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Poor Binky. Is she doing OK?
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Poor Binky! Let her know she is not alone....Brooklyn, our kitty at the plant store, has lost half her teeth on one side of her mouth, top and bottom. Poor babies.....
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Thank You all for your replies. I needed a cat site hug and some emotional support. We are a house full of unhappy campers for the moment.

I think Binks is feeling a bit better now though. Its been 2 days and she is returning to some of her normal behaviors. She is eating and sleeping on the bed again. But she is so mad at me because i have to give her the antibiotics. Its hard, she is the squirlyest cat. It is a wrestling match.

I wish I could fast forward a week.

It is good to have cat site friends.
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Here's a big cat site hug for you!

And a special for Bink from my completely toothless boy Stumpy.
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I've got 2 with no teeth at all....they feel Binky's embarrassment.
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Poor Binks! That must have given everyone a nasty shock.
for you and Binks. Hopefully the antibiotic week will fly by.
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Poor bink I know antibiotics isnt really the most fun thing but it helps so poor kitty will have to stick it out for just one week, then after the week is done you can give her a present since it's so close to christmas time wont be her teeth but I am sure she would love some cat nip!
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Aww, poor Bink - but how lucky she is to have such a loving mommy!
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