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YAY!!! I am getting a digital camera!!!!

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But not until my birthday ...June 14,,,I don't know if I can wait that long...Yall had better look out then because I will be filling up this message board with Rocky and Fluffy pics for sure!!!!! Can ya tell I am excited??!!
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Awsome! We will expect to see lots of pictures. I'm sending lots of calm, waiting vibes to get you through to June.
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COngrats and happy birthday they are the bets when me and bf got one all we did was take pics of wendy i have more pice om wendy then i have of my self good luck w\\ it

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Awwww mate I am soooo jealous!!! Be sure to make good use of it and post lots of pics of your babies.
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Congrats! I've really been thinking about getting one, but I know I'll probably only take pictures of the cat, and actually I make out okay with my trusty Polaroid. Still, it's tempting!
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Yall will be seeing lots of pictures of the entire family..kids hubby and all!! not sure about me though
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I just bought one last week it's a Kodak CX4230, I'm into trains as well as cats, took plenty of test pics with it on the weekend. I'm happy with it. You'll like it too. Do you know what kind yer getting?
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nope..not yet...I really don't know what kind to look for really..
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Great thing to have, a digital camera, i must say...

Congrats, Kathy.. i am sure you will enjoy and love it!!


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Well I recommend the one I bought, you'll be impressed. Here's a link for more info:

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Hey Cabbie I have the same Camera as you !

Wow I'm excited for you Kathy , , Looking forward to lots of Rok&Flufs Pictures

Happy Birthday
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You will have to show us some of "you" pics from time to time as well
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Digital cameras are great - you're going to love having one.
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You'll become a camera addict soon enough, LOL! Gary and I already have more pics in the last year or so than we have in the past entire 10 years....

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