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CAT MOUTH PROBLEMS Stomatitis - I need advice!

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CAT MOUTH PROBLEMS Stomatitis - I need advice!

My cat is very active and relatively healthy for a 14 year old. She just had 4 teeth removed due to stomatitus about a month and a half ago (swollen gums, bad breath). She starting eating immediately after and gained weight back quickly after having lost several lbs. before, but has sense lost it all again. Her mouth is in bad shape again. I have also had her there at the Vets two times afterwards (steroid shot and again for antibiotics). Both are only temporary solutions to a bigger problem. I know teeth problems can lead to kidney and other organ problems. I just had blood work done, and the Vet said her kidney levels were high.

The vet is telling me that her back teeth need to come out because of the same issues with stomatitis, plus she will need to go on fluids before the surgery. How is it possible that she needs more teeth taken out so quickly (month and half)? Is stomatitis really that quick a disease that it can do that kind of damage, or did the vet miss the other bad teeth before?? (same office - but a different vet).

I talked to the vet today again just to get a better understanding about what is best for her. I asked her if having all of her teeth removed is the best solution or not. I read that cats and dogs can live happily without them and that stomatitus will eventually make her get all her teeth out eventually anyways. She said if it were her cat she would have them all removed, and I know this vet is giving me a break on money so it's not about nickle and dime-ing me to death.

I just want my cat healthy, happy and gaining weight again. I will not put her down, even though she is "older' because she IS very healthy otherwise and very happy and playful (doesn't act her age and VETs all agree very healthy). This is my baby, and I love her tremendously - so I just don't want to make a decision that will only hurt her in the long run. I am confused as to what to do. Take out teeth gradually (which may or may not solve the problem - like before and still leave her in pain and skinny); take all her teeth out and hope that solves the problem (the stomatitis should go away and might help her live longer avoiding kidney and other problems); or, seek another opinion from yet another VET (who may give me yet another answer he or she thinks is the problem).
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There are different types of stomatitis and every one of them can be treated a little differently. Stomatitis is a generic name (like tissue). Did your vet run a biopsy of her gum tissue when she removed her teeth? A biopsy might be able to isolate which form of stomatitis she has, and then your vet would have a better way to make a decision about treatment going forward.

My Stumpy has an auto-immune form of stomatitus and we had all of his teeth extracted over the course of about a year. His particular disease caused his body to think that his teeth were foreign bodies and his gums attacked them. Extracting all of his teeth in this case was necessary. 2 years later at the age of 13, he is still doing very well, in spite of the fact that he's been on a steroid for the last 2 years. He eats both wet and dry food (sucks dry down like a vacuum cleaner), still plays a lot, and is still my snuggler.

If you want to seek out another vet, find one that has long experience or specializes in dentistry. If you remove teeth and fail to get all the roots, you can fall into other problems. Cats teeth are very delicate and the roots can break off easily. But honestly, without a biopsy, just pulling teeth may or may not solve the problem.

Stomatitis is very frustrating until you find what is causing it and the right treatment path.
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