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Your Favourite Cookie Recipes?

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So, all of my aunts and their families are getting tins of cookies from me this year as a present... we're all broke, and we have pretty much everything we need anyway. So... everybody likes my cookies

Since we're supposed to have 8" of snow tomorrow, I figure that's when I will be doing my baking.

I know I'm going to do some of my famous sugar cookies and my mom's "Magic Easy Cookies" I'm looking for other delicious recipes that will hold up until Christmas!

Fire away!
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My fave recipe is gardenandcats (w/o nuts) and katiemae1277 chocolate chip cookie recipe I tried that this past weekend and took them into Battalion and everyone loved them I got called the "messiah of cookies" then I was called evil cause they kept coming back for the cookies.
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My favourite is an orange short bread that I make. It's sooo good!

But for everyday cookies, my favourite is one from the back of a chocolate chip bag that I doctor up by adding all sorts of other ingredients. I'm not a real fan of vanilla, so I tend to use other extracts instead, and often combine several to give it a unique flavour. They always come out fabulous... expensive, but fabulous!
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Every year, I *have* to make what my Mom refers to as the "evil" cookies -- chocolate with semi-sweet chocolate chunks and dried cranberries (can substitute dried cherries). I usually make a few other kinds; peanut butter cookies made with chunky peanut butter, chocolate chip oatmeal cookies, ginger cookies, and snickerdoodles are favorites with my family and friends.

I also make caramel corn and fudge, and this year I got an excellent peanut brittle recipe from a friend, so I'll make that, too.

Let me know if you want any recipes, and I'll PM you.
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the only cookies i ever make are brownies. i have [to date] 3 variations of the recipe i use. want it/them?
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