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Kitteh bouncer

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Not my cats, but one of my favorite OPKs (Other People's Kitties).

I was at my friend Don's apartment Sunday night, and his cat Mr. Wilson has taken a liking to me -- always wants to be petted, even let me pick him up a couple times. Well, after about an hour, Mr. Wilson left me and went to sit with Don, and he gave me this look like he wanted to say, "You don't have to go home but you can't stay here."

Well, in Wilson's defense, it *was* rather late at night, and I did have to leave so I could get up on time for work . . . .

Do any of your cats do that to guests, or have you been on the receiving end of that look?
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Binky used to bounce Hoots(kitty in heaven) out of the kitty condo. Binks has no intention of ever using it and never did, but did not want Hoots to. What kind of jelousy is that?
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Nora comes to us at around 11pm every night an tells us she wants us to go to she can come with us. LOL That is a perfect "tired" time for her, earlier and she's a spaz, later she is hyper and it's crazy kitty time.

Gus used to give us dirty looks all the time if we stayed up too late for his liking. LOL He would sit on the floor and glare at us sideways. LOL
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None of my cats have ever gone to a human visitor to be petted. They usually stand nearby and stare at the person. If they hang around it's way beyond arm's length.
On the other hand, OPKs have pounced on my lap the moment I sit down. I guess my cats are snobs.
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My boyfriend's RB cat would announce when it was time for bed! He would also lure us downstairs to the livingroom because HE wanted us to sit on the sofa and watch tv so HE could sit between us.
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Originally Posted by yayi View Post
If they hang around it's way beyond arm's length.
In our house we call that, "Cat Radius Distance". Or "Doing the radius" as they pass around.
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Mine are usually ok with guests, but Sophie couldn't or wouldn't gel with Gil.

The picture i still have in my memory is when Gil was on one sofa with Rosie on his lap and i was on the other sofa. Sophie came gliding in the room, walking straight past Gil, but looking at him at the same time as if to say "Your still here then?!"
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My aunt's cat, CAT, is like that. He loves her, but doesn't like anyone else. He's scared of men--I don't know why, he's never been abused--but when women are around (I'm told, I've not seen it) he tries to make them go away so he'll have my aunt all to himself.
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