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Loose Stool and Some Blood?

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I recently purchased a Persian kitten and I have now had her for about two weeks. When she came here her stool was loose but the vet and I figured it was from the stress of flying (she was shipped) and from getting use to her new environment. The breeder told me it was okay to give her some immodium to firm things up because many kittens get loose stool from stress. I however did not do this because I figured if it was from stress it would eventually firm up on it's own. She had been de-wormed but to be sure she was parasite free the vet gave me 1/2 a Milbemax tablet for her. Well, her stool seemed to firm up a bit but has since once again become very loose and it has some blood in it. I didn't really notice how bad it was until last night when she decided to go poop in the bath tub. At 3am I wasn't really thinking and didn't take a sample but just cleaned it up and cleaned the bath tub with bleach, antibacterial soap and very hot water.

I did call the vets this morning but am waiting for a call back (which can some times take quite a while seeing as though my vet is a very busy women).

Does any one have any idea what this might be from?

Thanks in advance!
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There could be many things, parasites besides worms, bacteria overgrowth or Tritrichomonas if everything else comes up negative and it keeps up search the forum for Tritrichomonas. The blood means the colon is irritated, the Immodium is not a bad thing in moderation, but it needs to be given according to the weight of the kitten and only every 12 hrs for 1-2 days. I would check with the vet. There is also a product from Lambert Kay that you may be able to get at Petco or Petsmart, it is kaopectate for pets. DO NOT give regular human Kao as it has aspirin derivative in it which is toxic to cats. If your breeder is giving Immodium she probably is having diarrhea in her cats.
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My money's on tapeworm.
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Thanks guys...

This kitten was wormed before I got her and since I got her she has had 1/2 a milbemax tablet (which is what is recommended for her weight) which takes care of tapeworms along with many other kinds of worms.

I am thinking cocidia (sorry bad spelling)? The vet has not yet called back but I'll let you know what she says when she does.

Thanks again
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