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Low dust cat litter? Asthmatic cat.

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One of my kitties has asthma. I've been looking for a low dust clumping litter. Does one exist? If not, what do you recommend?

I know Yesterday's News is low/no dust, but my cats won't go near it!
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8 in 1 pet products makes multiple versions of a clumping litter that is made from corn cobs that isn't dusty. The brands are Nature's Miracle in pet stores, One Earth in health food stores, and Fresh Results at Wal-Mart and some grocery stores. I believe Arm & Hammer makes a natural litter that is similar, but I can't vouch for it personally because I haven't tried it.

It doesn't clump as firmly as clay, but the lack of dust is worth it. If you use a good litter scoop and scoop frequently, and use multiple boxes to minimize the cats breaking up clumps, it works well. The 'Litter Lifter' scoop is ideal for this litter because it doesn't take much shaking to sift, and it catches the fine bits well.

Feline Pine pellets aren't dusty if you change the litter frequently before it all breaks down into sawdust, but if your cats won't touch Yesterday's News it's unlikely they'll use it either. Feline Pine also makes a scoopable litter, but since I haven't tried that either I can't say anything about it.

I hope you find one that works well for you!
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Most litter has some dust...
Dexter had an asthma attack from the dust of clay litter.

It's not perfect but we now use Worlds Best Cat Litter original, found at the major pet supply stores.
You can check it out on their web site.

I had not heard of Fresh Results at Walmart...
will have to check it out.

I highly recommend a no scent litter for a kitty with asthma.

Good luck.
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If you scoop religiously the crystal litter(and if you can afford it) is great.
The clay litters were too dusty for Molly. I am using a BJ's brand that isn't as dusty and works great for odors.
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You say your cats won't go near Yesterday's News: have you tried a long-term, graduate transition? They won't know that those pellets are for unless you mix them in, gradually, with your old litter.

I, too was looking for dust-free litters for my asthmatic cat (even though my vet told me it was not particularly likely that my litter was the problem, I figure lung problems means avoid dust). My was able to transition my cats to Yesterday's News, but it still has some dust, and I didn't like how difficult it is to remove urine-soaked yesterday's news. (It's much easier with a sifting box, but I didn't go that route.) I switched my cats to the Breeze Litter System, which is completely dust free. There is one huge thread on it here, but to put it simply, the breeze is inert pellets on top of a grid and a urine pad under a grid. You change the urine pad in the neighborhood of once a week, and the pellets much less often.

I love the Breeze: no more dust, no more tracking litter (the four stray pellets per cat per day are actually starting to annoy me, but I must simply remind myself of the alternative and annoyance evaporates), no more lugging heaving litter home.

Of course, neither the Breeze nor Yesterday's News is clumping, but that doesn't matter with the Breeze.
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World's Best Cat Litter. It clumps beautifully, has no dust and no ammonia or perfume odor. Plus it has the regular litter texture that cats like... my cat loves it, unlike the Feline Pine pellets.
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I use Yesterdays News.
I tried fekine oine and it set cocos asthma off.
I wonder why your cats wont go near yesterdays news.
All mine use it even Cleo who was shipped here last week.
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There was a post not too far back about chicken feed used as cat litter. I would assume that would be low dust if any at all. Feline Pine scoopable is a bit dusty, but works rather well. It looks like sawdust, and contains potato starch for the clumping action.
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Originally Posted by FuzMugly View Post
There was a post not too far back about chicken feed used as cat litter. I would assume that would be low dust if any at all. .
I did a test with 2 brands of chicken feed and they were both very dusty. The brands were Lone Star and Purina.
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I have found arm and hammers essentials to be the least dusty ....

I have used or use currently...

clay ( this is the worst IMHO

clay clumping ( see clay

swheetscoop ( some but not horrible )

worlds best ( little more than swheet)

worlds best

harmony ( pellets of paper tighter and smaller the Y news)

yesterday s new s ( no dust but cant stand it

feline pine ( simliar to news

crystal silica litter ( some dust I was shocked )

pa purr non scoop and scoop ( not bad )

chicken feed ( like swheet IMO some dust but not to bad )

No asthmatic cats but I have chronic bronchitis and supposedly asthma ( dr says yes I say no )
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of the clumping clay litters i've tried, the CatAttract has the least amount of dust...
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Originally Posted by sharky View Post
crystal silica litter ( some dust I was shocked )
I found crystal litter to be dusty enough to set off my asthma, when initially poured in the box and when changed.
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I second Enuja in recommending the Breeze system. No dust at all along with all the other cool features! But if your cats won't touch Yesterday's News they might not accept the Breeze pellets either – they are a similar consistency.
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FP pellets- no dust, great if you can get them to use it
FP scoop- VERY lightweight, doesn't scoop well, could be considered dusty...basically like saw dust.

WBCL- Good...what I use now. Low dust, clumps well.

Papurr scoop- does not clump well IMO

Best clay litter- Dr. elsleys precious cat (not the cat attract, but the plain variety). very low dust for a clay, non-scented.

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The least dusty one I've found is Walmart's Special Kitty litter, both clumping and non-clumping types.
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