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Not Sure What Happened

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I have 3 kittens and two adult cats - both adults are spayed/neutered, and all of the kittens went in today for the same thing.

My adult male and one of the male kittens until this point had been great friends. They slept together, played together, etc... but when the kittens came home today, my adult male suddenly turned hostile. He kept chasing the male kitten around the house and cornering him, just staring at him while the kitten growled... when we tried to shoo him away, he turned on us and scratched my boyfriends arm up pretty bad.

What's going on? We've had to separate them because the adult just won't give up, and the kitten is now terrified to leave the room we have him in.
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I guess this is because the kitten now smells of vet - completely different from what he used to smell like. So your adult male doesn't recognize him or thinks he is a threat.
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Originally Posted by BabyWukong View Post
I guess this is because the kitten now smells of vet
Exactly, he doesn't know them at the moment. You can try putting a dab of vanilla at the bases of their tales and under the chin so they smell alike.
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I've have this situation when I bring any of my cats back from the Vet. Theres always one cat that gets upset with the medicinal smells. But it doesn't last.
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I went through the same. I did the vanilla thing, although I don't remember if you need to apply often because of it evaporating. I also used baby powder. I put the powder in my hands, rubbed my hands together and then rubbed the lower back of the cats.

Another thing I did was to take a washcloth or hand towel and rub the upset non-vetted cat then rub the cat that went to the vet with that towel to transfer his scent.

Worth a try. Things will settle down soon.
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Some cats respond very adversely to cats brought home from a vets. They don't smell the same and they don't recognize them. Separate them for a few days (the kittens need to recover anyway) and use vanilla extract on them when you bring them together again. Dab the vanilla under their chins, on the back of their necks and the base of their tails.
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