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OMG I can't stand the MEOWING anymore!

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I'm watching a friends cat, sadly I need to keep him in my office away from my other cats because he's still intact and I don't want him getting territorial and spraying everywhere. Or even if he doesn't spray but just starts picking fights with my cats, they're lax and i don't want them getting hurt. But the main problem is his constant meowing! I go in the room and he mews, and then he'll come up want pets start breathing heavy and bites me! He's even been on my lap rubbing up against me and then he bit my chin! Will the constant meowing, and the deep "i'm in distress ooowwwooo" stop if i get him fixed? Along with the biting? My friend keeps saying that he doesn't have the time or the money and I'm willing to do it if it can help my head stop hurting from this constant meow! I have him for about a month until my friend is done relocating.
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Getting him fixed should stop the meowing.yuh
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Getting him fixed will help, but it does take up to 2 months for the hormones to settle.
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If your friend doesn't mind, I would definitely get him fixed!
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Getting them fixed stops this? I wish someone would inform Murphy of that haha. He had them lopped off over a year ago!

He has meow-diarrhea! He meows *all* the time. It drives me absolutely bonkers sometimes. He meows when he can't find Winston. He'll meow if the hubby isn't here. He'll meow if I *dare* go to the bathroom and *dare* shut the door lol.

Earplugs are a wonderful thing! I guess some cats are just vocal.
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Some cats are simply vocal by nature, but if he's letting out a distressed ooowwwooo, then he's probably very stressed, and not just talkative. Have you tried Feliway plug ins for him?

And if you friend doesn't care, please get him neutered. He might not calm down in the month he is with you, but in the long run, your friend will be pleased.
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I think this might be a case where the cat is stressed more than anything else. Being away from it's owner, and locked up in a completely unfamiliar room/environment would stress even the calmest of cats. Comfort Zone makes a product that might help with this:
It comes in a spray or a diffuser (like a plug in air freshener). It's a bit on the pricey side but a quick search of the net will yield a lower price than in a retail location.
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How old is he (sorry if i missed this)? I think that it's a combination of both stress from changed environment and hormones. From what you have described these are predominantly territorial, hormonal, instinctual behaviors. The persistent howling sounds like the instinctive behavior of a tom cat, as well as the rubbing and light biting. I'm assuming he is young, most males will spray after maturity.
This is a stressful situation for you and your kitties as well, it's a shame your friend is putting all this on you. In my opinion, it would only help all if he was neutered, not to say this will solve all immediately. His healing environment should be stress free and supervised. During this time of hormonal change, his environment will effect his behavioral change......
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If your friend doesn't have the time or money to get him fixed, then s/he hasn't the time or money to be a cat owner. Getting one's animal spayed/neutered is what responsible pet owners do.

Aside from the yowling and spraying issue, and aside from the issue of production of unplaceable kittens, there is the issue of prostate infections. The impression that I get it is that it is mostly women on this board, so on behalf of all the men I will say that if it is half as painful for toms as it is for men, then it is something that nobody who cares about her pet would want him to go through. There are only two ways to prevent prostate infections in a male mammal---regular sexual activity or castration.
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Good answers, so far - the Feliway AND the neutering should help tremendously. Also, you might try giving him a good session of play with a teaser, or other toy that gets him bounding about the room, until he tires out, and then give him his meal. this simulates hunting followed by feeding. It should help him sleep a good stretch.
Sending calming prayers and vibes to the kitty and an extra big helping of blessings to you and your crew for providing a home during his time of need
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