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Long haired cats and candles

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We only keep container candles around the house. If you look at Persi's tail in the picture above, you will see his tail is an accident waiting to happen. Tonight it did. He escaped with just a singed tail as the candle went out when all of his tail cut the air supply. He was sitting on the edge of the couch doing his usual begging when his tail fell right into the flame. Just when you think you are so smart and have your house cat proofed something like this happens. Watch those candles this holiday season.
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I used to have a tomcat named Tasha, don't ask, and he was not a long haired cat he was a flame point siamese and he actually stepped into a lit candle and scared me to death. He got away with just a singed bit of hir but I was more worried about him having that hot wax on his foot. I hope the wax didn't hurt poor Persi. Give him some love from me and Miss Lilly.
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Oh my! Poor kitty, hope he wasn't too scared when it happened.
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I don't burn candles for that very reason. I'm terrified one of the cat's will get too curious and have an accident.
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I'm so afraid of lit candles! I do have candles around the apartment but they are mostly for decoration. The only time I light any is when I have people over for dinner and I put a few candles on the table. However as soon as dinner is over and we move from the table, the candles are put out. I don't even light candles during power outages. Instead I use battery powered lamps or a flash light.

I'm glad Persi didn't get hurt.
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OK what's up? I don't see a picture

EDIT: wait, i think i get it. This pic? I LOVE this picture of Persi
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Yep! That's the one. If I remember correctly, he sits like that all of the time. Silly kitty!
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Oh dear! I can just imagin what Caspian would do if he saw a candle. The same thing he always does to all new things stick his paw in it/or it to see what it does. He does this with just about everything. He's even attempted putting his paw in pots on the stove (though I am well aware of that little trick)! He puts his paw in the bath when I am running it and likes to put his paw in the water bowl and taste it before a drink. I lay in bed at night and feel a soft paw prodding me! Then he paws some thing on the table and it falls over and then he gives me a confused look like, how did that happen? mmm Caspian and candles. Nah! I'll stick to them magic changing orbs or some thing!
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It's not my cats I have to worry about, it's my Australian Shepherd, Fosters! The dummy walked right up to one of my lit candles when we first adopted him and licked it (Ok i know it's not funny, but it kind of was for a minute (he was ok!) I love him to pieces, but sometimes he's not the sharpest crayon in the box

I learned my lesson after that...All lit candles go on the mantle where none of the furries can reach and they are only lit when I'm in the room to keep an eye on them. The other candles I use my candle warmer for with jar candles and they're in high spots that can't be reached by them eithor.
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Never fails bakker sticks his whiskers too close to a candle about a week before I have to take him to the vet for his shots. I feel so stupid when the vet says-got to close to a candle did he??
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I rarely burn candles because they really worry me. I'm always scared that I'll get sidetracked and one of the animals will light something (or themselves) on fire. I only burn them on special occassions. Poor guy he's lucky he didn't burst into flames!
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I think you can see from his pic but my kitty Al has a really bushy tail and the idea of a lit flame anywhere near him scares me to death, so sadly, no more romantic evenings with the candles My kitty is like a child too, attracted to anything he shouldn't be I once caught him mesmorized by the open fire which was cute until he started to stick his paw out to bat the flame Silly kitty, he knows not to go near it now though, he just lays and gets a warm belly
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Poor Persi! I'm glad he's ok though.
Roxy has tried to sniff a candle a couple of times - I think she quickly realised it's very hot though!
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I've never been a fan of open lit candles when I needed them.

I always use LED flashlights.

I'm glad your cat is ok.

I'm always nervous something might happen when I am cooking food.
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My RB kitty Yogi used to be a fan of walking over lit candles. I don't burn candles anymore, too many fluffies floating around
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Any candles that we burn at our house are put into a special jar so that small hands (and paws) can't get into it (oh, and this jar has no lid on, of course )
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Poor Persi! Glad to hear he is OK and yes, he does have that grand, expressive tail!

My cats are absolutely not allowed on top of 2 things in my house: the stove and the cast iron fireplace box. Those are the only 2 places where I actually burn candles. Violation of my rule is not something that mine like very much. That calls for the big MOM HISS, continuous clapping of hands, and a little chase out of the room. Its surprising how effective it is with them.
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I made the candle mistake back when I was 17. My Gysmo was a domestic longhair, his tail quite poofy, like the kitty in the pic... After having a few drink, me and my SO at the time, lit some candles.... all of a sudden we heard a whoosh and smelled burned hair Gysmo had walked by the candle and it singed his tail, about 4-5" of it. Not all the way down to skin, but darn close.

Trust me, I learned my lesson really fast. That scared me so bad and I felt awful for not thinking about it.
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My Spooky has such an obsession with knocking things over that he’d probably burn the place down before burning himself!

I have a few candles on the mantle where the kitties can’t reach, but I never burn them. Mainly because after I put them up so high, I can’t reach them without a step latter either!

Poor Persi – I’m glad he’s OK!
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I have not had lit candles since I got my babies - there are battery candles for effect (a friend has those) and I have flash lights for emergencies. And even the dining room table candle holders take their chances - apparently the babies have table races late at night, so I've given up on anything really nice there as well.
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