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Better Homes and Gardens: Comfort Zone Coupon

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I was about to order the Feliway Comfort Zone from Drs Foster and Smith, and noticed that they mentioned there's a coupon for money off in the May 2003 issue of Better Homes and Gardens. Does anyone get that magazine? The coupon code is the last five numbers of the bar code in the coupon.

If anyone has this information, would you be so kind as to share it?

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Bump for SUE !!!
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I could run to the store and copy it out of the rack?? I'll post it when I get back!!!! If my pen-pal is out there I would love to have one of these plug-in's!
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Just got back and the store is all out of the magazine! I'll go to Barnes and Nobles or Tower books tomorrow!
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LOL Teresa! I will also see if I can find it, if I do, I will post it for all.
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Cool, I hope to get one or two plugins before my kitten arrives!
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Wemt to Barnes and Nobels and found the magazine.... No coupon! I went through it twice and couldn't find it Yes it was the May issue...
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I have this issue (May 2003) and I looked through for you 3 times and I couldnt find an add or any coupon for the Feliway. Sorry!
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Hmm might it be for Drs Foster & Smith? That was the website that mentioned the coupon. I thought it was for Feliway. My bad!
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I saw it today at petsmart, for the diffuser, starter pack for 34.95 didnt notice the price of the refills though.
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This is the cheapest I've seen it thus far.
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That is a much better price than I found! I won't be able to get it for a few more days... Gotta sell a kitten first.
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LOL, I know what you mean. Not about selling a kitten, but about waiting a few days. There's already been too much month for the money thus far.

I am hoping that the Comfort Zone plug in will help Sasha to relax, he seems to go between timid and shy, and demanding that he be loved. We are making headway a little bit at a time. He is the first timid cat either of us have had, we're used to our gang of extroverted clowns here.
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Go to this site:

The plug in is $20.75

The re-fill is $11.75

These are the best prices I have seen.
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Thanks, that's the cheapest I've seen it so far. In fact, I ordered one last night from the site. Don't know how quickly they'll get it out, but for the price, it was well worth it.

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