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Cat scared of main room now

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I think my cat got sick from drinking out of the Christmas tree. Now she's scared of the room that the tree was in (I moved it to another room behind a closed door..it's possible she still smells it, so I may need to throw it out.) The problem is that she won't go into the main connecting room of my house, so she can't get to her food, water and litter box. She just wants to be in my room all the time.

She's a fairly skittish cat, but never had trouble walking wherever she pleased in the house before. She was quite sick it seemed for a day or 2 but now she's fine physically and a head case. I forced her into the main room and she just ran under the couch and refuses to come out.

So my choices are to force her to stay in this room until she becomes comfortable or let her go back into the bedroom where she acts fine. I just don't want her to get used to that lifestyle. I'm definitely worried about her getting thirsty/starving and peeing on the floor because she feels trapped. What can I do?
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I have a very scary cat Cinnie that stays in my bedroom also. I just let her stay there. I have water and a food bowl and a little box in there for her. Every now and again she ventures out to explore a little. Since she's afraid of being outside my bedroom I don't force her. Eventually (I hope) she will calm down and come out for good. As far as forcing her to stay until she gets comfortabe. That doesn't always work. Cinnie wouldn't come out from under my breakfront. Not even to eat. I finally had to keep shoving her food under there until I was able to get her out and back in my bedroom. Good luck.
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Maybe you could let her stay in your room for a while and just put her food, water and box in there? Then gradually, move her stuff a little each day (although cats are smart so this may not work). Forcing her into the other room probably won't work. Cats don't like to be forced, and it may only make her afraid of you.

If you let her stay in her room, maybe she'll come back to normal after the holidays when the tree is gone.
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