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RIP Oshawa Shelter Kitties

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I just saw a snippet of this story and had to look it up online:

It's not so much that they died that bothers me, as much as HOW they died. In a fire...I'm trying not to think about it!

Rest in peace, kitties. I hope you are in a better place, where you have lots of room to roam and play and get all the love you deserve.
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That is so sad.
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I'm stunned... that's so tragic...
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omg how awful

RIP you poor babies
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I read that last night. It was so tragic for everyone involved. I wanted to post something but got distracted. My heart goes out to those poor kitties and their caretakers who are no doubt devistated.
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How tragic!! My heart is aching

180 lives lost.....poor litle souls.... RIP sweeties
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It is really sad, our shelter called to offer assistantance before they released numbers of the animals.

Even sadder is the police are offering $2000 for tips so they must think that it is a criminal act
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My brother got his little girl from there not even a month ago...
Poor little darlings.
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how tragic Rest in peace sweet kitties
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That's just awful

RIP you sweet angels

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