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Vibes needed for my Aunt

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My mother comes from a large family - in total, she has 10 siblings. Out of these 10 siblings, she has already lost one brother to cancer, and one sister to illness.

A year ago, my third aunt discovered a tumour growing on her spine. She had been suffering from back pains, but put it off to growing old pains (she is in her late sixties). One fine day she collapsed and was not able to get up, so was sent to the hospital where they discovered the tumour.

She had a risky operation to remove the tumour back then, and though the spine is a really tricky area, the docs managed to remove most of the tumour without any nerve damage. After the operation, over many months, my poor aunt has been undergoing chemo to try and kill all the cancer cells ravaging her. Unfortunately, each time there seemed to be good news, the darned cells would come back somewhere else.

My aunt is such a fighter, she just never gives up. Each time I visited her at her home, she would be all smiles, and with such positive attitude. She was never negative about this scary illness, and spoke of the future, like how she has to exercise her limbs otherwise in future she would be an invalid (drugs have weakened her arms and legs).

On 1 Oct, she went to hospital for yet another bout of chemo. This time though, she somehow fell into a sort of coma. She was hardly lucid, uttering incomprehensible sounds, could not recognize anyone. I thought that was it, that she was going to go soon.. But nope! She woke up from her coma after a few days and was able to talk to us. Her speech had slowed down considerably, her vision had gone all wonky (she sees double) and her limbs were all swollen. But heck, I was happy she was awake!

We thought she might be able to be discharged from hospital soon, but infection after infection came, weakening her still further. Till today, she's still in hospital. Yesterday, my uncle (her husband) called to say they'd discovered she contracted a blood infection and things don't look good at all. I haven't seen her yet, I think I'll go after work.

Cancer is really a $hitty disease that sucks you dry from inside out - both physically and emotionally. My aunt had been a teacher all her life, and a very good, well-respected teacher too. She had just retired and was looking forward to relaxing for once in her life, and this had to happen.

I'm just really sad. She's my favourite aunt. Need vibes for her and her husband and son. I cannot imagine what they have been going through over the past months, and how upset they must be right now.
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I'm so sorry to hear about your aunt. Cancer is such a terrible thing, and I will certainly keep you and your family in my thoughts.
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being sent to your aunt and your family to help them deal with this illness in whatever God decides the outcome is and more vibes for it to be good news.
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According to the docs, the cancer has spread to my aunt's brain and is affecting her eyes. Docs say there is no cure for her, and its just a matter of time.
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Many vibes for your Aunt
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I`m so sorry to hear that It`s so horrible waiting for someone you love to pass.You want the suffering to end but you dont want to lose them

Many vibes and prayers to you all at this sad time
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My thoughts and prayers are with you all at this time..
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for your Aunt.
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Thoughts and Prayers for your aunt,you,and your family
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i'm so sorry. my thoughts are with you and your family.
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Oh sweetie . I'm so sorry. I lost both my parents to cancer (both spread to the brain) so I know exactly how cruel and evil that disease can be. You, your aunt and your entire family is in my thoughts and prayers.
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I'm so sorry about your aunt.
Cancer is indeed an evil, horrible disease.
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Thank you for your kind words, thoughts and prayers. You don't know how much this means to me.

Right now I'm not so much angry at the disease but at the doctors. I just found out from my mother last night that two young doctors actually TOLD my aunt point blank that she was dying, medicine could do nothing to cure her, that her cancer had spread to her brain and it was a matter or time - 3 days to 3 months. They actually TOLD her without consulting with her family, in fact they told her when her family wasn't even at her bedside. My domestic helper was there (my domestic helper and my aunt like each other very much) to help with her feeding and keep her company, and heard everything. According to her, when the docs said those cruel things, my aunt just stared at them wordlessly. From then on, she completely lost her will to fight on.

Granted, there really is nothing to fight for if the cancer has attacked the brain. But she was so happy and positive right up till that day they cleverly decided to tell her! If she's to go, what's the harm in letting her go happily? Maybe slip into a coma and slip away? Why make her distressed and depressed??!! I'm going to try and find out who those two young docs are and bloody give them a piece of my mind as well as anything else that comes in handy. They have no right to have done this!
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