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My little helper

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I decided to bake a spice cake today and I let my niece help me. She is already becoming very interested in cooking and she isn't even three yet. So I sat her up on a bar stool at the island in the kitchen. And I let her help me count out the eggs and then I let her pour things into the mix when I was ready. Since I always crack my eggs into a seperate saucer first I let her pour the eggs into the mix when I had checked them for shells and she told me she wanted to see the seashells not sure where she got seashells from. And then she got to help me pour the oil and water in once it was measured. I then poured in the mix and after I had mixed the cake I let her take the mixer and mix for a bit and she loved it. She is so interested in cooking but I had to keep a close eye on her for some reason she wanted to taste the raw eggs. Does anyone else let their small children or nieces or nephews help in the kitchen. And when is the youngest you started letting them help.
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My 3 year old neice WILL NOT let us cook or bake without letting her help
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I was four when Mom started me cooking. I even had my own cookbook - the Snow White and Seven Dwarfs cookbook. My favorite recipe was Dopey's Breakfast Biscuits.
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My oldest helped me from the time she was a 18 months. I can't keep from helping.
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My son is going to be 4 next month, and he absolutely loves to help me bake. I've been letting him do it for just a little over a year now. His favorite thing to make is peanut butter cookies and anything that requires homemade chocolate frosting. I let him put ingredients in a bowl, and he helps hold the mixer when we're mixing something. He's looking forward to helping me make a Red Velvet cake and some sugar cookies for Christmas.
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