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Vibes for Cotton for the next little while...

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I know I'm paranoid, but my big buddy is going in tomorrow to have his blood work done and is getting his teeth cleaned and/or pulled next week. The vet insisted on the blood work before any dental work because of Cotton's age (he's around 8) and just to be safe. I just worry when either of my cats has to go in for an operation. Especially since whichever one doesn't go in is usually not too happy about being left home. So if anyone could spare some don't-be-nervous vibes, I'd appreciate it.
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and prayers sent Cotton's way
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I hope every thing is alright with Cotton
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sending 'everything works out well' & for Cotton, & some calming & for you!
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Many Prayers and for Cotton.
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I hope everything goes well with Cotton You're a good meowmy, its obvious you your babies very much
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Thanks everyone. I really appreciate it.
Part one is done. We just got back from getting his bloodwork done and he's booked in on Monday for his teeth unless anything comes up in the bloodwork to stop that. (The vet didn't think anything would, but wanted bloodwork as a precaution). His main concern right now is eating his breakfast that was late because he had to fast for the bloodwork.

I'm trying not to be nervous and trying to remember that Cotton's had teeth pulled before by the rescue group's vet when we first got him and his health was much worse then. The vet explained how everything would work and that they'll be putting him on IV fluids for the surgery to make sure his kidneys are fine. I know I'm over thinking this. Thanksfor letting me ramble on.
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My cat had a bad UTI and needed a drastic operation for his blockage. He had a PU done. Removing his male organ. I found out at the time that he had a heart murmur. I was very nervous of him undergoing this operation with a heart murmur. But as the doctor said, he was more in danger from the blockage. He came through it fine. Many Prayers for Cotton.
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Best wishes for Cotton and you - it's always nerve-wracking waiting. You're a good meowmy doing the best for your baby.
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Prayers and vibes for Cotton
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Well, my big buddy is at the vet's for the day. His bloodwork was all clear from last week, so we took him in to have his teeth cleaned or pulled today. I spoke with the vet tech who told me that for dental extractions he shouldn't be out for more than 20-30 min, so I feel a bit better about that. I can phone them after 1pm this afternoon to check up on him. He managed to shed all over me as I dropped him off.
Sigh. It's like having kids, isn't it?
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Its exactly like having kids. Prayers and good luck coming Cotton's way.
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Thanks guys. I just spoke with the vet and Cotton did fine. I'm going to get him (and his antibiotics and pain meds ) in a few minutes. Thanks for putting up with my worries and giving me a place to get my stress out.
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