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Ann annnounsmint: Im a pritty Bengul

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Oh hai. Mai nayme is Bonnie, an Im nu heer. Ima Bengul jus laik mi big bruthr Max, arunt I pritty? I evun hava iyeliyener jus laik him n Antie Penny. *blink blink blink*

Whadaya MEEN Im nota Bengul?!? I YAM SO!!! I gots a brik noze just laik Max duz, SEEYIT?!?! Oh FOOEE ON YOO thens, cuz I KNOZ I iz a Bengul, so THER!

Note from the Meowmy: Baby Bonnie is the newest and youngest addition to my little fur family. She is about 11 weeks old and was rescued by a TCS friend at a highway gas station where she had been dumped at about 7-8 weeks of age. I took one look at her face, and that was it: she came home and joined my crew. They all accepted her almost immediately (it's all about the vanilla trick!) and she has especially captured the heart of big brother Maxwell, who is now completely wrapped around her little paw. Just like I am.
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Oh God - your message was too funny! She is SOOOOOOO Pretty!!! Congratulations!
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Originally Posted by carolinalima View Post
Oh God - your message was too funny! She is SOOOOOOO Pretty!!! Congratulations!
you've got a little 'Bengal' princess there, haven't you?
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Awwww she's SO cute!! Congrats on your new family member
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She truly is cuter than possible -- but I'm sure she already knows that.
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Originally Posted by laureen227 View Post
you've got a little 'Bengal' princess there, haven't you?
Princess? Oh yes, and THEN some. She is quite the snuggle-bunny, and squeaks instead of meows, and at just 8-9 weeks old was able to fairly easily leap up about three feet from the floor onto my bed, which is slightly elevated.

She and Max are best buddies, and wherever he is, she is. Hence, she insists that she is a "Bengul." The rest of us can tell just by looking at her that she is simply an adorable little DLH grey tabby with some nice golden brown accents.

I get so angry when I think she was just DUMPED at a gas station in the middle of nowhere to fend for herself at such a young age, and on a day when it was only in the 40s.

She had a pretty bad case of fleas and ear mites when I took her home, but fortunately, she tested negative for everything else, including worms (but I had her dewormed anyway, just to be on the safe side.)

I'm so grateful to the angel that saved her and put her into my arms.
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Great to hear from you again!

She is so cute, and it's great her and Max have become fast friends already It just becomes easier the more cats you add huh?

I love her tongue hanging out....
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Aw...she's gorgeous!
Congratulations on your new addition

Welcome Bonnie
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She's beautiful

Tell her I said she can be a bengal if she wants to!
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She is absolutely adorable, Betsy!! She definitely looks like she has that Bengal attitude!!!
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That is just too cute! She is a little princess... let her think whatever she wants!
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What a cutie she is. She can be a Bengal if she wants to.
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There's going to be a rash of girls of TCS wanting to be purebreds now! I don't think I'll let my girls see this thread...

Bonnie, honey, you are a pretty girl and you can be a Bengal if you want to be! Don't let anyone tell you differently.

Betsy, she is gorgeous and I'm so glad she was found and rescued and brought to such a loving home. I love the pic of her sticking her tongue out. Can there be much more cuteness in one photo????
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What a sweetheart! I'm so glad that she found you, and that you found her!
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She is gorgeous!!!

What a cruel person for just dumping her!

Bless you for taking her in
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He he he heeeee!

Aww, she is a doll face. I can`t believe you have another baby! I remember when it was just Ginger and Ferris

What a cute little cat family
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Oh my goodness Betsy she's so precious!! The poor baby being left like that

I swear that people who dump animals like that have the coldest of hearts

We need more pictures Betsy!!
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Looks like a Bengul to me Betsy! Bonnie the Bengul, has a nice ring to it.

That little girl couldn't have fallen into better hands than yours!
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She is such a little doll!!!
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I think I need more

I'm sure Bonnie will be a TCS star!
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