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I just don't know what to do....(LONG)

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As most of you know, I work in a dental office as a receptionist/assistant. So I have been at my job for over a year now. I started in October of 2007 and so did my co-worker. We have been at the same salary for the same amount of time. We were both told that when we were hired we would get raises after 90 days. Well we got our reviews in January and apparently the cut-off hire date for raises was October 1,2007 and I was hired on the 3rd and K was hired on the 5th so we didn't get raises. We were also told that when we got hired the hours we would be open(M,W,F 9-5pm, T,Th 11-7pm and 2 Saturdays/month 9-3pm). Fine with me. Those are starting to change and we are now open 9-7pm on Mondays.

Back in July our office manager went on maternity leave and was gone for 2 months. K and I ran the office. Took care of patient complaints, insurance issues, etc. everything an office manager would do on top of our daily jobs. We voiced our concerns to our managing Dr.(I work for a HUGE corporation-no names will be involved)that we never got our raises and we felt we deserved more than we have now. I will tell you I was also promised full time at 40 hours/week and am not even getting that so what I'm making hourly doesn't even help. Dr. O was furious that we would be treated like that so he went to the regional manager. It took him 3 months to hear something back from her. A few weeks ago, my office manager told me and K both that the way the economy is(btw this company makes BILLIONS of dollars a year so they can afford a least $2/hour)that there will be no raises for us. Dr. O is even more furious and is going over our regionaly manager's head to her boss. Dr. O had emeergency surgery a few weeks ago and I talked to him last week and he said despite the circumstances, he is still trying tog et ahold of our regional manager's boss. I believe him because he does not want to lose me and K.

K and I are starting to think that they are putting it off until January and will only give us $1 more an hour even though we were supposed to get our raise last year. I just found out tonight thatour regional manager was there tonight and now wants us to open more evenings and all Saturdays. I only make $10/hr doing all this worthless crap for a company that doesn't care about their employees and only cares about the money. I do a LOT of stuff for this company. I was promised to move permanently in the back to assist after 4 months of opening and still haven't. My office manager says she "forgets" I even asked to be moved in the back. Then I was moved to hygiene assisting and I don't want to do that. I help both the assistants in the back and the hygienist and the front desk and I don't feel appreciated for all the work I put in. I feel like I live there and don't even work 40 hours!

I just don't think its legal to give raises when your employees have been there over a year. K is looking for another job and I don't think I am far behind.

I just needed to vent......

I hope that explains everything well enough. I wish I could talk to you guys. It's just so much harder to explain it through typing....
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Well, I can tell you one thing: If you are working for a Huge corporation, most likely things will not change... With that stated, YOU have the option of staying or living... Sorry, but the truth is that if one is not WAY higher up, is disposable... Tough, but reality - that's why I choose to work for smaller co.s...
Good Luck, hold your own, and be strong, but don't lose all your energy and time fighting with a giant... not worth it. Please - this is my opinion only, I am NOT advising you to quit your job...
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Man, that is frustrating. Personally, I would seek out another job offer and then tell them you are leaving unless you get the raise and anything else you want to ask for. Good luck, I hope you resolve it soon.
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Originally Posted by carolinalima View Post
Sorry, but the truth is that if one is not WAY higher up, is disposable.....
in large companies even these people are disposable and made a large target due to their higher salaries, cheaper to hire someone else. No one is really safe in large corporations due to restructuring, the economy, mergers, and tons of other stuff that happen during the lifetime of a large business.

Oscar's mom, there is a lot to think about here. First of all, your health and well being. You aren't happy, and that will take quite a toll, and that needs to change some how. Will $12.00 make you completely happy with this job? is it just the money? i would make a list of positive and negative things about the job and talk about it with a significant other or a very close friend. Then a list of your concerns should you quit this job for another, what is holding you back?
maybe the economy? The job economy is tough out there, it might take awhile to find a job that is to your liking But when you do, you will have leverage to demand that raise or leave Give you a more level playing ground.
it is always good to have your resume ready and updated anyway, I suggest doing that and spending some time seeing what else is out there.
What concerns me is they aren't giving you a raise, which you asked for and you are entitled to, which isn't good. It either means the company is in trouble, or they simply don't want to pay you. Either one is bad news. make sure if you do leave, don't burn any bridges, leave on a good note.
You might want to read Who Moved My Cheese by Dr. Johnson, you stepping into another position made me think of this book.
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I guess you must be feeling terribly frustrated with your company. Its great that you're doing all you can to let your superiors know that you want to be treated better, however, if no one's listening or no one can do anything about it, I'm thinking it may be time to look for another job.

On the other hand, with the economy as it is, I don't think it would be easy to look for another job right now. You can still keep looking though, I don't think that would be any harm.

Vibes that something good happens to you soon!
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if you are fairly certain things won't change for the better anytime soon, then looking for a new position is a must. after finding one, if you REALLY would prefer to stay on w/this company [given certain changes, of course] then you can approach the powers that be at that time w/an ultimatum - either make the changes in a reasonable time [get written confirmation of dates & changes, btw] or you're leaving.
otoh, if you're not at all interested in remaining there, regardless of any changes, then simply give your notice upon finding a new job, & state your reasons for leaving at that time.
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