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Rene's speedy recovery

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Rene is not feeling well and was just diagnosed with Lyme's disease. She has had it in the past and each time the symtoms are worse. She feels bad, but will not be on the site until she feels a little better.
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Sandie: Make sure you send wishes for a speedy recovery to Rene. I miss her already. Hope this isn't something too serious. Your post has me worried.
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Sandie tell Rene to hurry up and get better. If she needs anything tell her to let you know so you can let me know and I will do whatever is asked.

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Please give renee, my best. My friend Molly had re-occuring Lyme's disease as well until she decided to gamble and made some colloidal silver water. In four weeks, her symptoms vanished and have never returned. Eveytime they had previously taken her off antibiotics, the symptoms will return. When she finally stopped drinking the water, she kept at it for about 2 months, the symptoms have yet to appear.
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Yes please do let her know that she is in our prayers and hope she is well soon!
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Hey Rene

I have a bottle of silver water here (and I'm not joking as I sometimes use it in the cats' water) so if you want, I'll ship it out. Let me know.

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and hopes for a speedy recovery. Have all her cats purr next to her. It's proven to enhance health and healing!
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i am hoping for a fast recovery for you, and sending Lots 'O Love your way

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Please tell Rene I too wish her a speedy recovey! Is Lyme disease a zoonotic disease? I think it's the one you get from ticks, isn't it?

By the way, what is "colloidal silver water"?
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Wel now I know what's wrong with Rene.

Lyme Disease, how horrible! I hope she feels better soon. I also hope that doctors make breakthroughs in treatment soon.

Anne, yes, it's spread through tick bites, and there is no cure for it right now.
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Wishing you a speedy recovery!!
I hope to meet you when you come to Florida for the Cat Show.

Michele's Sister
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Basically, it is a distilled water that you can make at home for pennies really. It cures a lot of things from ringworm to pneumonia. You can buy it already processed, but it is very expensive to do so. The most expensive part of making it is buying the silver ingot that you need to distill the water, but once you have all the ingredients, the rest is easy (just time-consuming) Molly was really sickly when she came off the antibiotics, and she has 5 kids and she couldn't take the time to be sick, so she started investigating other ways of getting healthy. This was the only thing that cured her completely. Here is one website she gave me back a long time ago so I could read it for myself. There are many others, if you just go to a search engine and ask it to look.

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I am so sorry to hear about Rene!!! I didn't get any notification of this thread, I just stumbled onto it when I was checking the lounge.

I really hope and pray she will be feeling better soon!!!!! Lyme disease is a horrible thing from what I have heard.
Please keep us posted and tell her our thoughts are with her!!!
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I haven't seen Ask a Homeopath on the site recently. I wonder if she would have any suggestions for Rene.
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Hi everyone -
I would love to hear from Ask a Homeopath about this water. I believe in alternative treatments and since I have had this off and on for ten years (this ones the worst) and it will never go away, especially doing rescue, I would be interested in hearing different information.

I am walking a bit better today and I actually feel a little better all around. Thanks for all your well wishes and prayers - I know they help!
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I know it sounds crazy, but the silver water really does carry some strong healing with it. I don't quite understand how it works, but I know how sick Molly used to get, and now she is healthy. Plus, I brewed some for my horse when he was so ill and it helped him get better. I hope you will give it a try..
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I sure hope you find some relief! Lyme's is horrible, and I know it is often misdiagnosed. The woman whoo runs the rescue my horse came from went about 5 years being told she had Lupus, when it turned out to be Lyme's. Wishing you healing prayers....

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I just read the link regarding the water and I am very interested!! My friend Sue has skin cancer so she could benefit from it. It sure does sound time consuming but if me, Rene, Sandie and Michele get together and do it on a weekend, maybe it won't take as long. What do you think guys??
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