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can someone give me a reason why I should vaccinate my kitten? - Page 2

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It IS so sad that those babies went to the shelter! I wish I could take in another but my apartment only allows two and both spots are filled.

About Jake being sleepy – my vet always told me the shots can make him sleepy, and my boys usually were for the whole day they got their shots. I hope he perks up soon, but if he doesn’t I would call the vet.
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First time vaccinations often make your kitten feel under the weather. My Aura when she was kitten slept under the chair for 48 hours when she got her first shots. The second set of shots she didn't feel good for 24 hours and by the 3 set she seemed to be just fine.

As for what vacs I get. When they are kittens I do the 4 in 1/distemper and the FelV on the schedule the clinic suggests for kittens. They also get their 1 year rabies shots on their final kitten visit. A year after their last set of kitten shots I get them another 4 in 1/distemper and they also get their 3 year rabies. I skip the FelV and I won't get that again until its time to get their next 3 year rabies. The 4 in 1/distemper I get every year.

Now that I have 6 cats I have to literally keep a spreadsheet to remember which cats get which vaccinations when!
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Originally Posted by ut0pia View Post
WellingtonCats and Snake Lady, by the way all of Jake's brothers and sisters went to a shelter today It's really sad and I wish I could take them all so badly Unfortunately they were conceived on accident and my friends' family cannot take care of any of them...So, I think someone trying to take care of them while loving them even with a shortage of cash, would be much better than the shelter where they are likely to be euthanized anyway because shelters are all full... Can you imagine, little two month old kittens in perfect health being euthanized? it makes me sick
I can't speak for WellingtonCats, but I wholeheartedly agree with you about trying to take care of the poor kitties with limited funds, than having them sent to a kill shelter. I posted that in my other post.

I'm very sorry that his brothers and sisters had to be sent to a shelter It is quite sad, its too bad the momma hadn't been spayed to prevent this... I wish I could take more kitties in...there was so many at the shelter I visited, thankfully its a no kill shelter, but still. I would have loved to bring a few home with me. Unfortunately, I'm not working either, so I know my limit has to be one Plus thats all my hubby will allow me to get

I'm glad you were able to get Jake's shots I hope he is feeling better now too.
I've learned alot in this thread, Kizzy has to get his shots as soon as he is healthy enough to do so.
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He is much better!! He woke up and is now running around as usual I'm soo happy yay
Unfortunately the family I got him from is from somewhere in Asia and I don't think developing countries spay and neuter, or if they do only upper class can afford it over there, so they just don't understand the importance, and I'm not sure they even know what spaying and neutering is. I think it's hard for someone who has lived in a place where it's nearly impossible to feed your family and get proper healthcare can understand that paying money for an animal's healthcare and vet expenses is important. I know this because my parents were not born in the US and lived in a developing country and they have the same mentality towards animals- they can be fun to be around but they would never spend a dime for vet bills unless the animal is about to die, then they might consider it... It's the reality, people can become less sensitive when they have struggled for their very basic needs such as food in the past...I'm sure the family really loved Jake's mom though, she was a stray and they found her and rescued her.
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