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A tricky Christmas dilema

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Christmas will soon be here can you believe it!? BUT i have a big big choice to make and I need to make it soon. I live on my own with my four cats, Tiramisu, Chantilly, Caspian and Vienna who all get a long very nicely. The problem is my family who live thirty miles away have asked me to go over for Christmas. What we've talked about doing is me going over Christmas Eve and coming back in a cab late Christmas day. I'll have to leave plenty of food down for them and plenty of fresh water. However I'm scared about leaving them for so long, my friend says "they're cats, they'll look after themselves" witch I guess is true but they relay on me for their breakfast and evening feeds and oh I don't know. If I don't go I'll be all a lone (all be it with my cats)!, if I did go, it would be the first Christmas me and the family have spent together in about three years and it would be nice. What would you do?
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I would put down plenty of food and water and go enjoy myself. That is really not such a long time to leave cats alone. I leave mine up to 3 days and they are fine when I return, and very glad to see me.
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I have done it before and I have the same problem this Sunday.
Give them alot of food and water.
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As long as they have plenty of water and food down, they will be just fine. If you feed them canned food give it to them before you leave. Then leave out a nice sized bowel of dry food. They have each other also. I've done it with my guys and they get along fine. Have a good time.
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Thanks! I think I will do just that! To be honest I cant imagin any problems if I clean all litter trays out before I leave, put 3 bowls of water out and 6 bowls full of food! I just didn't have any fellow cat owners to ask! I am sure when we were little when we went to the coast for the weekend we left the cats but I can't remmeber properly! I will leave Caspian in charge!! ooh oh maybe not he will eat all the food
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That should work fine.
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As was said..it isn't such a long time. Hopefully you don't have a kitty that likes to tip the water bowls over....if not...they'll be more than fine!

We leave ours for 1 to 1 1/2 days without 'supervision' and so far, so good!!

Enjoy your Christmas with your family....the human one....
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