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Nix is four weeks old. :D

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I remembered to link back this time.
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He's grown so much!

He's running and playing and trying to beat my boys up.

Here's a few pictures and a video of the boogerface.

He goes right up to the other cats and smacks them right in the face.

But Orion teaches him that he needs to be nice.

And I have to remind Orion to be nice. Had t poke him to make him go more gently.

Isn't this the cutest face you've ever seen?

That's also his stub leg that you can see he's standing on. Fur grown back and everything.

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He is just the cutest thing ever! I want him

That`s so funny that he smacks the other cats
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He is so precious and Orion seems really sweet with him

I think the smacking is hilarious
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He is so cute. He is so lucky to have you
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He sounds to be a feisty little man He reminds me of Jack as well because that's how he went on with Rosie as a kitten, actually he still does, and Rosie puts him in his place as well
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Awesome pictures
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Oh....... tooo cute... muuuuuust paaaaasss ooooooooout!

Good that the older cats are there to teach him otherwise he would be a REAL monster/brat!
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What a cutie!
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Originally Posted by CATTYBIRD View Post
What a cutie!
hey, are you planning on having that short leg removed altogether at some future time? does it cause him to limp?
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SO Cute!!!!!!!
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The vet will probably want to amputate it later on, yeah. It's totally up to the vet though, if he thinks that he will be able to get around with the peg leg, then that's fine. But I'm sure he'll take it off to prevent any further damage to the limb.
He hobbles around on it pretty good. But it throws him off balance sometimes. Like in the video when he shook and fell over. That happens often.
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Oh what a sweet little baby!! With all that smacking and the peg leg, all he needs is a parrot, an eye-patch and a few lessons in saying "Arrrrr!" and you'll have a little pirate
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He is absolutely adorable!
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What a little cutie
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how cute!!! my 5 month old himmy is constantly harassing my big cats, she will run right up to their face then stop dead, she will bite their tails....watching them interact is better than watching tv! the big cats usually dont react too much but once in a while they give her a friendly swipe to let her know enough!
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