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Ever been shocked by your cat?

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Well the weirdest thing happened last night...and if anyone has seen the movie Wall-E then this will make more sense.

Well my little white cat Tilly. TO get a sense of what she is like if you have the movie Wall-E she is JUST like Eva (the white robot) I am not sure WHY maybe its her coloring or the fact that she is very sweet then out of no where will just destroy something. EVERYONE who has seen the movie and seen my cats says the same thing...that Eva reminds them of Tilly.

ANYWAY last night I was snuggled in bed and she hops up and does her usual rubbing her paws on the blanket and rubbing up against my face. WELL she rubbed her paw on the blanket and then put her forehead to mine and ZZAAAAAAPPP Static electicity!!! Just like when Eva "kisses" Wall-e and a little blots comes out of her forhead. HAHAHA so my little cat STATIC SHOCKED Me last night...I hope she doesn't make the connection between rubbing her paw and sending me a shock...because I would HATE to be woken up that way... right now I wake up to her rubbing her paws on my head or her rolling on my head PURRING AS LOUD AS SHE CAN!!
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It happenes to meall the time this time of year.
Meeko is the worse for some reason.
I get shocked from sasha also.
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That happened to me and my boy Patch. I went to pet him and I gave us an electric shock with my hand. He slapped my hand 5 times (without claws out) blaming my hand, not me. It was so funny.
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It happens to me all the time with Nora. It is especially funny when I will be petting her long strokes down her back and I'll get a shock in my hand and she gets shocks in all four of her feet. LOL She does this little "hop, hop" whenever it happens. Then she gets mad b/c she can't figure out what happened. lol

She absolutely hates getting shocked on her nose, or anywhere on her head really.
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It's been happening alot with our three, but Molly most of all. I don't know why she is more static-prone than the other two, but she doesn't seem to mind at all, which is good.
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I hate when that happens. As a habit (because it's good cat manners) I stick my index finger out and let my cats touch their noses to it before I pet them. I feel so guilty when they get shocked by me! Kit gets mad and Hemmy takes it personally. Friday feels no pain, I swear, because he almost never reacts. I don't think Seti and I have shocked one another.
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Oh, yeah! I have zapped my rescue cats. It is VERY dry in the PetSmart... so I try to be careful. I don't like scaring them. I do the "finger extension- let them come to me" thing, too. It works really well.
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Happens all the time in the winter. Get an electrostatic humidifier (they are quieter) and it will relieve it somewhat.
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The weirdest thing is to walk down the hall carrying one of the cats and getting a series of little shocks from all over her body. It mostly only happens with Miss Patchwillow, I think because her fur is thicker than the others. She never seems to notice.
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This happens to me *all* the time. The worse on is a shock off their wet noses! It's ever worse when you're wearing crocs lol.
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I once caught Allen in a pretty shocking scene with the next-door neighbor's dog. Turns out they've been best friends for ages.

Sorry, couldn't resist.
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