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Introducing the male

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Last night I brought Tsekani out into the living room to introduce him to Skylark. I have an extra large wire dog crate set up with a litter box. Skylark is to the point where she races around the house with my altered boy, Sohni. She will stand still for me to pet her now, but she'll scoot under the couch if I move too fast.

So Tsekani hung out in his donut bed while the other cats ran around the living room. I don't know if she sniffed noses with him at all, but I know she saw that he was there. We all heard him.

She hasn't given any signs of going into heat, but I think I will just bring Tsekani out every evening so that they recognize each other. I can't allow Tsekani free reign in the house, even with his stud pants on. He is a peeing machine. But he seems to keep it under control in his wire crate. He gets into the litter box to do his business. Actually, maybe he has matured a bit, and is though his puberty stage, because it doesn't seem to smell quite as bad as it did a month ago.
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This morning at 8:30am, they managed their first mating. I was surprised that it happened so fast, and wasn't expecting her to be comfortable enough to mate for a few more weeks. She was yowling all night and peed on my bed this morning, so I put her into the bathroom and brought out Tsekani to see if she liked him better today. They have met in the living room the last few evenings, and I had Tsekani on a lead and Skylark loose. She seemed more into my alter boy Sohni.

So... more matings to come and I'll start counting the days tomorrow.

She let him have it when it was done and then rolled around like a mad thing for a bit. I hear that is a good sign (=
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Sounds like they mated. I'm not an expert on mating, but from what I've witnessed, the rolling around on the floor is a sure sign. Is your male new to your house? I can't recall if you just got him or not. What breed are you breeding? I'm only asking because I'm curious Hopefully they will get together a couple more times to ensure a great pregnancy.

Good luck with all of it, can't wait to hear if she is indeed pregnant!
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They are both Egyptian Maus. She is a Grand Champion, and her sire is a DM in CFA. We are hoping for some nice kittens (=
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