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Hello everyone

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Gosh its been awhile haha actually I have been doing quite well and I do hope everyone is as well. Right now im just finishing college and ill be graduating with honors so I am very happy.

My kitty felicity is doing really great! She's very healthy and seems to be enjoying herself. I actually am planning to get another kitten today, I fell inlove with her and I am hoping to get her today if all goes well and I have enough money to start her off. I have been reading up on the introductions of cats and I figure it may take more then a few weeks for felicity to get used to a new kitten, even though she was adopted in the SPCA she seems to be very territorial which is what alot of females are, so I will be doing the whole towel switch and the eating behind the door, as well I will be paying equal amounts of attention to both of them. I have been considering getting another cat for awhile now, about a year but wasn't exactly sure since I am still living at home and my mom isnt sure how felicity would take it, but I do expect the kitten to be in my room for atleast three weeks maybe more so I have everything worked out and I am getting all the information I need. So I am hoping everything works out alright and I get the new kitten today, I am in college but I have a few days off and then ill be done on the 24th so basically I will have two weeks to help the kitten adjust to the house and as well to felicity, hopefully it all works out

but I do hope everyone is doing alright
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Congratulations on your new kitten! You will have to tell us all about him or her!! I think (though don't count me on this) but I would imagin a kitten would be a lot easier to socialize to an older cat. When Chantilly and Tiramisu came home they where 5 months old so where no longer complete babys. Caspian was not impressed and he sat on the windowsill with his back to everyone all night I was so worried The next day he spent mewing loudly at every one stood stock still with his paws in the water bowl, so we had it a little rough for a while. However when Vienna came a long a month a go as an 8 week old kitten it was much easier. (Perhaps it was the way Vienna was or that I already had another two cats)! But all they did to Vienna was stalk around her in a circle pawing at her and realised that she was another one of them accepted her! Good luck and looking forward to hearing about your new little fur angel
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I just ghot a new kitten last weds and my mostly Russian Blue plays with her.
Not one of my cats hissed or anything.
Go slow when you introduce your cats to each other.
I showed my cats cleo first and let them come to her.
Cleo already knocked Oreo over she is so hyper.
I hope you get the cat.
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Yes I will be actually getting the new kitten, I have to wait five days though because she/he is not on sale they just got those kittens in and they are waiting for vet shots so I am going to be waiting. At first when I told my mom she was not happy about it at all, but when we went back to the pet store I think she fell inlove with the kitten too because I do plan on buying the little one. I have basically it all worked out, all the information on here has been a huge help! I think the kittens are around 8 weeks old, so all they need is the vet check and then they can be sold. I actually fell inlove with the little one yesterday, she/he is a grey tabby with orange and white, absolutely beautiful finally today he/she was nice enough to show her/his face instead of going back to bed haha I plan on calling the kitten Reila if it is a girl and Lucien if it is a boy or Felicia.. but then again we call my cat felice so that may be a little too close.. and I love exotic names

felicity is not really the most social cat, she has chased a lot of cats away from the backyard and would probably even attack a huge dog so I know I will be waiting at least two weeks before I even think about showing her the kitten, I will take it as slow as felicity wants, fecy is still my baby and I want the two to get along really well, so I will be taking it slow

so I am hoping to get the kitten on the 22nd when she/he goes on sale, you can't take home any pets on the 23rd-26th so I do really want to get her/him before that just so I can spend some more time with the kitten and help the little one get a good start
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I hope it all works out.
My Sister just adopted a orange kitten last sunday from Petsmart.
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well the kitten is on sale monday or tuesday so ill be going sunday
and seeing if I can put her on hold they said her price range would be from 150-200.. I would really like to know her price because I can only take 200 out in one day so I would have to get it from the bank...

Ive decided on the name Felicia for her (yes its a girl ) I really like it and its alot like felicity, so basically they would be my F babies haha, Ficy and Filly so I am thrilled!! I cant wait to get her and I do want to see her

my parents arent exactly thrilled I am doing this lol. but hey I can take proper care of this kitten as well as my cat so yeah they werent to thrilled when I got felicity either and now they love her lol so it will be fine

but congrats on your sister for getting a new kitten!
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Aww, congratulations. I was just reading a cat behaviorist's article that said it can be a good idea to tell the resident cat that the newcome is her kitten and to make sure you give Felicity a ton of attention while explaining how her kitten will never take her place and that she's first in your heart. I would have thought that was 'silly' advice until I got my cats - now I'm a believer that the resident cat needs a lot of reassurance now that her home is being disrupted. But I'm sure it'll be fine and you'll have a lot of fun with your "F" kitties.
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yes Ive read that somewhere and diffently plan on spending more time with her, Ive been doing a lot with her so she wont think I am replacing her or something, but I think telling her it is her kitten should work out fine I am hoping felicity has a mothering side to her haha, but considering the kitten will be mostly living in my room for about a month its going to be something else in this household for awhile, I am sure the kitten will be fine with felicity because she is still with her siblings right now but felicity on the other hand I am diffently going to have to do it on her terms, I am just hoping my family can understand the whole meaning of "they aren't meeting each other until felicity says so" and doesnt just let the two meet without my say so, I am sure they will be fine but some people have no patience, I just want this to be as smooth as introduction as it can be, and I am prepared to do what it takes to make sure the two are ok

annoyingly it is around -30 out there haha so noone really wants to go out, except me of course haha id go out in -50 weather to go and see her, I really want to hold her again, I just hate how cold its going to be, luckily both kitties have a nice warm house to relax in
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