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mixing up the food

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We're in the process of transitioning Squeaky from the Purina One they fed her at the shelter to Solid Gold Indigo Moon. After we've completed the transition, I was wondering about mixing it up with other dried foods.

Would it cause her problems if we throw in a bit of a different kind of food every day? I was thinking about getting small bags of other higher quality dry foods (Origen, Blue Spa, Taste of the Wild, maybe Evo) and sprinkling a few dozen pieces in with her main food.

Also, would those small bags of the less used dry foods go bad before we used them all?

And would this really have any positive effect for her, or am I just making things more complicated than they need to be?

Just as a note, we're feeding her wet food for dinner every other night. So far she likes the Blue Spa Selects wet, and won't touch the AvoDerm select cuts. I was planning on having her try a dozen different kinds (I kind of went crazy in my cat food shopping. Ok, I went crazy in my cat shopping all around), and purchasing more or 3 or 4 that she liked the most, and switching it up between those as well.
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I am NO EXPERT, but in my opinion, it is best if you don't do that... The reason being that each food is supposed to give a certain quantity of nutrients to your cat in the specified serving amount. You are going to break that balance, IMHO.
If you want to feed all of those foods, a good way to do it is transitioning from one to the other, using the whole bag, transitioning again, etc.
Also: Cats don't like changes all the time - they need routine. Their digestive system is very sensitive, and every time you add something different you are adding strain to it.

I hope this is of any help - Experts feel free to correct me...
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