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New cat is suckling?

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So, I adopted a 1 yr cat from the local animal control a little while back and had a few problems with her settling in but things have been going great now. I am curious though, for the past week shes been coming into bed with me and sticking her nose in my nose. In the morning, thats quite a wake up call! Her nose is COLD!! She also sits beside me and suckles on the blanket if its against me. Its only in the mornings but why is she doing it? Any thoughts?
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Suckling is a comfort thing. Bijou used to suckle on one spot on my neck for a minute or so before settling down to sleep when he was young. He did that for about a year. Now he still quickly licks that one spot before he settle to sleep but doesn't suckle anymore. It sounds as though your kitty loves and trusts you very much.
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My one boy Wheezer does that, he suckles the blanket and kneads at the same time, it comforts them, its like when they would suckle mama and knead to get the milk.
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I have a Toy Poodle that suckles his toyshe will do it to pretty much any of them but he has a teddy bear that is his absolute favorite. He shoves a whole bunch of bear in his mouth, closes his eyes and works his little feet back and forth like he is nursing on his mommy
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omg...my cat sabastian is 13 and still suckles and kneads and the same time, he always has...he does it to stuffed animals, blankets, or anything really soft, its adorable!
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My little boy Wilbur (cat not son ) does this. well he tries. he sucks the bottom pad of his left front paw like a pacifier. he jumps into my lap and flips over to do it. that's the ONLY time he does it.

But his paws grew and he can't get suction now. so he tries for about 10 seconds then gives up and starts nodding off to sleep
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