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Question Of The Day - Wednesday, December 17th!

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Good morning! Another bitter cold and snowy day in the middle-of-no-where Michigan!

Here's todays Question Of The Day!

Do you have a favorite childhood Christmas memory?

When I was a little girl, we'd go over to my grandma's house on Christmas Eve. All of my cousins (there were 12 of us) would be there, and we'd play, and eat cookies and have a great time. Grandma had one of those cool silver Christmas trees, with the rotating colored light.

Sometime during the evening, all the menfolk (my dad and all of my uncles) would take off, under the pretext that they needed to get smokes or pop or beer. The kids would play together until we were exhausted and nearly falling asleep on our feet.

Imagine our surprise when we got home from Grandma's and found that Santa had visited while we were gone!!! The Christmas tree would be all lit up, and presents galore would be all over the living room. We would open our presents right then and there! I think I was probably a young teenager when I finally put 2 and 2 together!!!
It's one of my favorite childhood Christmas memories!
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Your tree reminded me of a tree my Grandma had

Christmas was such a happy time at my home growing up. So I dont have one memory per se, just all of it. The music playing, the decorations out, the family all around, going and visiting family and friends, them visiting us.

Christmas started right after Thanksgiving, when the tree went up and lasted through the new year. Many nights I would sleep by the lit tree.

My family is very musical, so there was always music all around the days leading up to Christmas day. I just love everything Christmas in my childhood and now
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we used to have Santa and his elf come to my house when I was little, it was of course a friend of my grandma's and really anything having to do with my grandma and christmas She used to wrap our presents in brown paper bags
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I loved turning off the house lights and watch the twinkling tree lights with my glasses off. Still do...

And the memory that Christmas Eve had to be the longest day of the year! (We would celebrate with Dad's side of the family on the 24th and Mom's side the 25th.)
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Mine is a recurring thing
The day after Thanksgiving was the day we started our Christmas decorating.
It was traditional for my stepdad to put the tree up, decorate it, swear and tear it down and start over, usually about three times
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we always got to open 1 gift on Christmas Eve, we always opened the one from Nanny cuz it was clothes, and we would wear our new clothes to midnight service. Haven't thought about that for awhile, thanks for the great question.
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Originally Posted by Arlyn View Post
Mine is a recurring thing
The day after Thanksgiving was the day we started our Christmas decorating.
It was traditional for my stepdad to put the tree up, decorate it, swear and tear it down and start over, usually about three times
Sounds like Christmas at my parent's house. My dad's job was to bring the tree in, put it up and put the lights on it. And he HATED it!

Of course, my parent's house had 12 ft ceilings and Mom always insisted that the tree top HAD to touch the they were very heavy trees! Once the lights were on (after much cussing and swearing) Mom then had to inspect it (too many green lights here, switch one out for a red one...etc). After that, Dad disappeared into the basement for the next 3 days because that's how long it took to decorate the rest of the tree! It was my job to hang the ornaments, again keeping the colors separate. We had 1 HUGE box of "special" ornaments and 2 more big boxes of "fillers". Let me put it this way....we had an entire room in the attic dedicated to storing Christmas decorations.

Besides the main tree in the living room, Mom had 3 theme trees. One victorian, one with angels, and one nautical (Dad was a navy man). But they were smaller artifical trees so Mom handled that herself. I tell you, decorating that house was the biggest pain in the butt, but it was SO worth it! I would give anything to be able to help her decorate again.
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I think one of my best memories of childhood was how everyone would gather at my Grandparents house for the holidays. This was the way it was up until I was 9 which was the year my Grandmother passed away. There would be my family( my dad was the oldest son) plus his 4 brothers and their families. We would always spend the morning at our house but go to my grandparents at about 11 A.M. There would be tons of people, including people outside the family who had no were else to go for Christmas dinner. My grandma was always inviting extra people who really didn't have any family of their own or weren't able to get home themselves. We would have tons of food, set out so you could just get what you wanted. My dad and uncles were all would-be musicians so they would play and sing. It was such fun and even now when my brother, sisters, and I get together over the holidays we still tell stories from the old days.
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maybe to know that magical will going to apear some gift under the tree on early morning of 25!.. that ilusion never can´t be forget when you was a child!...
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Just having family around..... Christmas in Brasil is HUGE; and usually at the grandparents house... I miss Christmas; haven't had a real one for the last 12 years, since I have no family at all in the US... Christmas for me is one of the saddest times of the year .
Anyway - to be with my family and extended family, especially my sweet grandmother, mom, dad, bro, and twin sis - nothing, NOTHING is better than Christmas with them.
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I loved turning off the house lights and watch the twinkling tree lights with my glasses off. Still do
I do the same thing!

One year when I was pretty young we went across town to my aunt & uncles's for Christmas dinner. They had the scrawniest little tree I'd ever seen set up next to their canary's cage. Aunt Mary made grasshoppers for the adults and served them in those nifty 1950's brightly colored aluminum 'glasses' with stretchy coaster-type things that slid up over the bottom of the glass. Very odd, but obviously very memorable.

One Christmas I can't remember at all because I was doped to the max on pain killers. I'd managed to tear a muscle while moving furniture, drove myself to the ER at 3 a.m. on Christmas morning, and pretty much missed Christmas day completely. I know I went to my MIL's and my Mom's houses, but have no idea what I did there!
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My memory is going to the Midnight Service and then when we got home we got to open one present. I couldn't wait until everyone woke up later that morning to open the rest of the presents.
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Somehow I always related to the Grinch that stole Christmas.

When I was about 4, I followed our cat (Josephine) under my parents bed a few weeks before Christmas. Hmmmm.......what are all of these toys and games doing under the bed?

On Christmas day, wasn't I surprised to find those same things wrapped with tags from Santa!! I told my brother later that day that his presents weren't from Santa, that it was just mom and dad buying presents for us. Brother was 6 and he didn't believe me, until he asked our older brother (age 10). Poor Andy cried cause I crushed his belief in Santa. But I still laugh at the fact that at the age of 4, I had to tell my older brother that there wasn't a Santa!

Sad but true. But I always loved the happy ending in the Grinch.

Before that time, I remember sitting on the stairs leading to the living room with my 4 siblings, waiting for mom and dad to tell us that it was time to open presents. I love presents, both giving and receiving.
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I'm Jewish, so I don't have Christmas memories. But I have wonderful memories of BIG and I do mean BIG Chanukah parties at my grandparents' home - lots of gifts and food and noise and laughter and kids running around. Sigh... I do miss those days.
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I remember thinking Santa was some kind of god. I put teachers way up there, too, since they were adults who were kind to me when I was a child.
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Originally Posted by gemlady View Post
I loved turning off the house lights and watch the twinkling tree lights with my glasses off. Still do...
I do that! I like the blurry effect from not wearing my glasses

I don`t really have a best Christmas memory but I`d say I always loved Christmas up to the age of 12 because I loved getting a stocking and eating chocolate under my duvet and it was the one day everyone tried to get on.
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I can remember as a child waking up with my sister's at about 3am, and we would all grab our full stockings and run into our parents bedroom to open the presents we had in them We all used to get a satsuma at the bottom and a small bag of chocolate coins...I love the smell when you open them still, it's a reminder of childhood days.

Also, at about 6am (after a short sleep) we would be woken by mum and dad to go downstairs for our big presents And mum would make us a hot chocolate each before we could go in the living room... Ahh memories!
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My favourite christmas memory would be dinner at my nan's. Always a good time
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