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Nora is ready to go to the vet

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She must be highly disappointed that we didn't go today! LOL

Last night I went to Petco to find a second cat carrier since we only have one and I was supposed to take both cats to the vet today. I usually just take them separately. I found a soft sided one that is supposed to be for a dog, and it is kind of ugly, but it was only $8 so I couldn't pass it up. It does have a sherpa fleece hard bottom to it, though, so that is nice.

Apparently Nora thinks it is the most fantastic thing ever! I have it sitting on our kitchen table so they wouldn't bother it. Next to our table, about 3' away, is our two sided fireplace. The cats like to sit on the floor next to it (the fireplace is about 2' off the floor with no hearth, so they can't hurt themselves) to get warm. Nora must have thought that sitting IN the cat carrier would get her warmer, and she was right. She just sits in it with her head poking out the top. It is so funny! When we look at her, she looks back at us like "What??" LMAO

Here are a couple snaps I got of her this evening. The fireplace is on your left (her right). Sorry about the harsh lighting, there is a light fixture just above her head so it made her "glow".

Oh, she is also sporting her brand new pretty pink collar I got her last night. She's our girly girl.

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So Cute!!! I don't think the carrier is ugly.... but I bet she won't think it's the most amazing thing in the world after you take her to the vet in it!
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LOL I bet not!
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OMG she is adorable!! She really looks like a princess
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Awww she's soo sweet
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I wouldn't be surprised that she still likes the sherpa bag, once she gets home. I have two sherpa bag carriers, and mine will happily lounge around in them - it's only when I want them in the bag so I can zip it up and get to the vet on time that we have problems!
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Oliver and Rocky have gone into the crate (I have one of the plastic ones) to hide from each other while they're playing, but when they need to go to the vet, it's a wild cat chase! Maybe I should get one of the sherpa carriers?
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Nora looks absolutely adorable in that carrier. Plus, she matches (pink collar and pink accents)!

I leave Squeaky's hard sided carrier out, and she's in there at least once a day snoozing.
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she looks so adorable in it! haha diffently a princess! I only got a regular cat carrier at home for felicity and she was not to thrilled to be in it.. haha maybe I should get one of those bags too! Ill have to look into it, I havent seen one of those at pjs.. just the crate types.. so probably at petsmart they will have them

but good luck with taking them to the vet when I take felicity it is like World war 3 haha
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I got my Sherpa bags at Petsmart (check the dog area) - the 'real' ones are expensive, around $70 or so (I got mine as a shower gift for my first girl, and the second as a Christmas gift last year), and come in three sizes. The medium or large sizes are advised for cats, but there are less expensive versions. What's nice is that it opens from top and front, the lambskin pad is removable for washing if need be, and apparently the Sherpa bag is approved by the airlines for cabin travel. There are carrying straps for both over the shoulder and by hand, a nice big ID tag. Also pretty easy to secure in the car's back seat with the car's safety belt.

It is softsided, though. But, honestly, mine have happily slept in them - probably more so so than the cute little teepee-beds I got them. Still, they somehow know when it's vet time...I end up standing the bag on end and sort of gently dropping one in and quickly zipping up.

My little grey girl has a pink collar and pink metal ID tag in the shape of a heart - yes, another girly girl.
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Yeah, I found this one in the dog section, and it was labeled as a dog carrier, but I didn't care. I can't remember exactly how much it costs normally, but it was pretty expensive. It was on clearance for $8 so I couldn't pass it up. They had another one that looked more like an actual bag for $9, but I liked this one better and figured the cats would be more comfortable in it. Inside of it it has a short leash attached to it with a clasp on the end, so you can hook it to your dog's leash so they can't get out. I have no use for that though. I also do like that you can open it from both the top and front. I love it, and so does Nora.
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this is a good one to have in case of emergency, now that I think about it... $8.00.... I suppose it folds flat? An it's pretty small... hummmmm...
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It will fold flat, if I squish it. LOL It is collapsible, but it mostly just stays upright.
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I love it. My Nana's Exotics have a knack for getting out of soft cages!

I have my carry cages around the house so the cats can nap in them and get used to them
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I keep the pet taxis (hard ones) around also, but none of my cats have ever gone in them once they didn't have to sleep in them by force anymore (at night, the first week or so I have them until I know they use the litter box constantly). Nora HATES the pet taxi and throws a tantrum every time I put her in it. I put this one up b/c it has mesh sides and every cat I have ever had loves to chew on mesh, and I didn't want them to destroy it. She's a good girl and knows not to get up on the counters or the table and she never does, except to get up into her carrier. She was sad last night, so she curled up in her carrier and went to sleep. Poor baby.
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