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question about Bach's Remedy

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I was recently told about Bach's Remedies and am going to start using them on my cats. I am putting the drops in water but am wondering what is the best way to actually give them to the cats. I have heard to put the drops on the pads of the paws. What do you do?
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Why are you using them? Is one of your cats having a problem?
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I've heard you can rub it into their ear- not the inner part, but just put a drop on your finger and rub it in by the tip of the outer ear.
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You can put it directly into their mouth, or rub several drops on top of the head and outer ears.
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I am using them as prescribed by a cat behaviorist I just started to work with. I took in a stray in August and despite very slow introductions things have not been going well. No one has been hurt but 2 of my resident cats are afraid of him. He is only 2 and was recently neutered and they are a 5 year old male and a 6 year old female, both neutered and spayed, but are not happy about him living with us. My 2 other cats just ignore him and things are fine, but these two seem terrified. It was becoming so stressful around here I needed help. She came to my house Monday morning, and she believes things will work out in time. She did advise me to try the Bach's, she said she has seen amazing results. So, what do I have to lose? I am willing to try anything before I have to rehome this new guy. I just love all of my cats and want the best for them and the older 2 should not live their lives in fear. I appreciate the advice and will be putting drops directly on them as well as in their water. Hopefully, I will see some progress soon!!
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