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Sunday DT

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I just noticed that there wasn't a Sunday DT! So why not start one, right?

Today I've accomplished..um..nothing! It's felt great to do as little as possible. I did do a couple loads of laundry and picked up the junk off of my stairs. I have this terrible habit of throwing stuff on the stairs and never putting anything way.
After I did that, I took a 2 hour nap and then I watch some TV. I was disappointed that the NASCAR race was last night and I didn't get to watch very much of it. Sundays just don't feel right with out a race on the Tube!

Hope everyone had a great Sunday and hope you all have a great week too!
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I'm off again today. it's been horrible. Work's called me every half hour and I have no way to get there and they are all ticked off about it. Especially with me being the manager. Well sorry, I'm not walking there in the pouring rain. so you're S.O.L. call someone else. then they call me cause they ran out of paper for the registers, I tried to talk them through the steps to stop the printer from trying to print and that sucked, so I called my boss and she ends up going in and doing nothing but reaming my crew and then just leaving, so they call me back and are all upset, so I have been dealing with them since then, and I wonder why I "love" my job so much!
Now I just got off the phone again with them, they are missing money! $10.00 to be exact. so if they don't fine it, I have to call the wicked witch of the west(the one that I called who reamed the crew and just left)tomorrow and tell her that my crew was short money today. I give up!
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Just bought groceries and hung out, at home. Continued the e-mail fight, with my ex. I don't want his B.S. - I want my check! If I don't have it, by Tuesday I'm having him cited for contempt of court.

Start my new job, tomorrow and have to get up at 3:30. I've been a good girl - lunch is packed, clothes laid out and the alarm is set. Hopefully, I can get to sleep.
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I hope you get your money ASAP! He sounds like a real jerk (to put it nicely ) and you deserve to take his crap any longer. After all that you've been through with this Dip S***, you'd think he wouldn't want the Wrath Of Cindy on his tail!
Good luck and keep us posted. And good luck tomorrow at the new job!
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You go girl! don't take his c**p! take the sob for everything! get him! don't let him think he has control still. geez, I guess I'm taking my bad day out on your ex, oh well, from the sounds of it, the jerk deserves everything he gets! GO girl! I'm behind you! :girly1: :girly2:
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Sunday, Sunday.......I went and did the grocerys, then went and collected $$$$$$$ from people who owed me for months, and this morning I went and spent hours at the beach with Colby dog.

All in all it was a nice, relaxing sunday. Just like they're suppose to be!

Cindy, "break a leg" tommorrow at work.....or at least have a great first day!!!!!
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