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PLZ HELPPP whats wrong with my Cat!!!

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hi there ,

i have 4 month old kitten , she was vaccinated on the 1st of dec. she got her 2 1st shots .. and for the past week i noticed that she have been shivering .. iguess its like tremors .. as if she is cold but shes not !!! and it happens mostly when shes laying down or about to rest .. its not the normal twitching in her sleep no .. the muscle is actually shaking !!! idont know whats wrong with her .. im really scared ..
i took her to the vet for a CBC a full blood count .. and her results were all normal .. so the dr asked me to just not pay attention to it , coz probably its from her be'ing soo sensetive ..

can anyone plzzzzz tell me whats goin on with my cat ..??? and what should ido??? iwant the shakin to stop .. PLZ
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Is it consistent through her sleeping? Or could it be dream response? Some kitties have physical reactions while dreaming. Our Sweety was a vivid dreamer, she would shake, twitch, move her legs as if running or walking, and sometimes start crying loudly and we would have to wake her up and reassure her everything was ok......Miss our Sweety..
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I haven't noticed my kitty do it, but I have seen my dog have vivid dreams, and that's kind of what he does, there are times that he just sort of shivers, and then sometimes he even barks and wakes himself up

does she shiver while she's awake too? I'm not so inclined to think it really has anything to do with her vaccination... if it was, I think that her reaction would be constant and not just when she's sleeping... I may be wrong tho...
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the thing is it happens while shes awake .. not sleeping , like iknow the normal cat twitchin in their sleep .. but no thats not the same case , she shakes while shes awake , as if she is shivering from cold or something ..
and it is more obvious when she lays down and she is still .. u can see the shivering clearly ..:'(
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This scares me because I was just about to take my 4 month old kitten, Levi in for HIS baby shots!! Are these shots necessary? Or can you wait till they are older, I have always gotten OLDER cats who had them already???

I have NEVER heard of it being a GOOD thing for that kind of shaking being a positive thing, I would check with ANOTHER vet! hopefully someone here will know more than I do!!!

I hope your baby gets better soon!!!
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thanx for the reply .. ithink u should vaccinate ur baby .. its better to prevent gettin sick , i use to have male cat he was healthy and active never got sick , not even like diareha like all cats have when they r young , but coz ididnt vaccinate him( thought he was too healthy that he wouldnt get sick) isent him to apet shop for grooming and they uses some kind of ear mites cleaning lequid , short story he got infected and the dr said if he was vaccinated he might have faught harder to stay alive .. and he pass away so PLZZZ vaccinate ur baby u dont need to live with such guilt

and vaccinating ur cat isnt so bad , they wont get rearrly sick , its just that they might not be active the 1st 2 days, so dont worry , let the dr check her up 1st to make sure shes healthy and can take her shots .. but no need for her to take the luekimya one if shes an indoor cat

my baby is fine so far , trying toignore the tremors , she seems ok playing eatin sleeping all normal .. so ill just wait and hope she'll grow out of it
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Maybe she is scared...My Jake used to shiver when he was scared, like when I took him to the vet last week he was shivering the entire time throughout the ride there...
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I suggest you find a different vet. For a vet to tell you to ignore her condition because she is too sensitive doesn't sound right at all. And if you go to a different vet, bring a copy of the CBC results with you.

Is she any better at all? Some kittens do respond to vaccinations, but I've never seen one react the way you described, and usually any symptoms go away within 48 hours.
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Originally Posted by Momofmany View Post
I suggest you find a different vet. For a vet to tell you to ignore her condition because she is too sensitive doesn't sound right at all.
I agree. If your gut tells you something's wrong get a second opinion. There's nothing wrong with that and if the second vet tells you the same thing you'll sleep better at night. You never know when your pet just has something unusual and which vets might be experienced with it.
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