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Cat getting into bathroom garbage.

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My 20 week old male cat is getting into my garbage, and attacking used girly products. Its gross, but whats worse is I'm not sure if he's consuming any of said stuff. Is it bad for him should i be overly concerned or watching for anything? Also is this a normal cat behavior?
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Well, I'm sure the absorbant portions of said 'girly' stuff could cause intestinal blockages if enough was ingested. Maybe look for a new trash can?
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I plan to here soon, for now i've closed the door and am going to make sure is kept that way from now on.

I'll just have to keep an eye on him I guess
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Can the trash be put in a cabinet in the bathroom or closet?

Our bathroom trash can is in the cabinet under the sink--otherwise there would be used tissues, q tips and whatever else all over our house. And sometimes having it in the cabinet still isn't enough to stop genious Jack--he'll open it if he really wants a q tip!

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I'd suggest either getting a very good locking waste basket, or kiddie locks for your cabinet drawers if you're keeping the basket in there. Not only is the girly stuff not great, but stuff like floss, etc., can be deadly - truly. I've noticed since I got my cats, I'm much neater around the house!
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First cats are curious and will inspect anything that smells or looks good to eat or even to chase (although my cats are not fond of the trash bin, they sometimes knock it down because a cockroach happened to get inside).
I recommend you change your trash can to one with a secure lid.
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Originally Posted by yayi View Post
I recommend you change your trash can to one with a secure lid.
...And put something heavy, like a couple of bricks, in the bottom of it so they can't tip it over.
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This is exactly why my bathroom garbage cans are the kind where you step on the peddle and the top flips open. You can find nice ones at Bed Bath and Beyond. They have the kind with a plastic liner that comes out to empty, and is easily cleaned.

Yes, cats will explore girly products.
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It's also a good idea to keep the toilet lid down. Many kittens and cats will either play in the water or drink from it. Not safe with all the possible chemical cleaners in the water. I keep all mine down after one of the months old kittens took a swim (he loves water) and an adult cat will drink from the toilet given a chance.
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I don't have a bathroom trash can

The other day I heard a big crash come from the bathroom and my kitten ran out. He knocked over my CERAMIC trash can and it was smashed in like 5 pieces with trash everywhere

So I'm in the market for a new one
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