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Need some of those TCS vibes and prayers!

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Lately, my back has been so sore. I have not slept well for a while because of it and it also makes it hard to do every day things. For a couple of days it was so sore that I could not even stand up all the way. I had to walk hunched over. Then it was okay for a couple of days and now it is extremely sore again. I can walk, but not as fast as I normally can and just doing things like talking, or moving a little to get comfy makes me have little muscle spasms and it hurts so bad! Also, I have been getting very little pains and twinges in my stomach that feel weird too and I am not sure why. I'm not normally someone to complain, so please forgive me if I sound like I am whining! I would just appreciate some vibes and prayers from everyone. You guys are all the best!!!
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Lots of and coming your way! I hope you feel better soon!
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Sorry to hear about your pain! for feeling better!!
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Hope you feel better (and please see a doctor if you don't get better soon).
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Sending prayers and vibes out to you
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well, 1st off - see a doctor!
2nd - those thermawrap things work really well!
3rd - sending & in the meantime!
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I strongly recommend a chiropractor. I go to one and the effects are pretty amazing after only 1 or 2 treatments. When I went back in June after having not had to go for a few years, I could barely walk upright and I was in so much pain that I was in tears. I had 2 treatments that first week and I was 50% better. I continued to go twice a week for about a month and then once weekly thereafter until October when I had zero back pain. I planned on going once ever 2 weeks just for maintenance. However I was in a car accident and now I'm there again 1 to 3 times per week. However I can't always get there 3 times and mostly go twice. This week it's once.
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The stomach twinges are worrisome. Please see a doctor and rule out other causes before you treat this as only back pain. I say this because my father thought for months that he was having back pain, but it turned out to be something internal.

Hoping very hard that it really is just your back, and it heals soon!
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I can relate to the back pain That sucks big time. I would go and get checked out if I were you with tummy pain as well. That`s not good.

Many TCS vibes that the horrible pain goes away soon
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Well, my back is feeling a little better today then it has been. I am sure the pain is because I have a slight curve in my spine (scoliosis). I have had these back problems since I was really young. Sometimes the pain is just worse then other times. A while back I had gone to the doctor and he gave me some stretches I could do to help with the pain. I guess I do not do them as much as I should. I will have to try them out and see if they will help at all.

Now my stomach is not too bad. I just feel a little twinge here and there, but nothing that has really bothered me too much. Of course if it gets worse I will get it checked out. I was supposed to get my period (sorry guys) like a week ago, but have not gotten it yet, so I am not sure if it is because of that or not.

I'll keep you all updated! Thanks everyone!!
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