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Is it normal for a kitten to snort when he tries to hiss?? Jake does this while playing sometimes and if the play gets too rough and he gets scared of something randomly...
I am confused if it's even really a hiss...It sounds like he is spitting but he is not because nothing comes out...
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Cats do two kinds of hissing, a normal hiss, and a spit, nothing comes out when they spit, it's just what the sound is called.
One of my last foster babies would spit and lunge while playing, though usually, they spit to let you know they mean business if a hiss doesn't get the message across.
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Kittens do hiss and spit (SOOO cute!), but snorting isn't usual. It sounds like he may have a respitory infection which is easily cleared up with inexpensive liquid antibiotics.
Is there any discharge from his nose, or can you hear him whistle when you hold him close? If so call the vet. He may prescribe antibiotics without having to take him in just by hearing the symptoms, or he may want to see him. Respitory infections are common with kittens (kind of like ear infections with babys)...they need to be treated but aren't normally serious.

If he doesn't have an infection...then I guess you just have a snorting kitty!
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I guess it's probably a spit, he only does it when he is playing. I haven't noticed discharge and his breathing is normal. I don't think it's possible for him to have a respiratory infection because he has been inside the house, and he is the only animal in the house for the past three weeks. I don't see where a germ could have come in because I haven't been around other animals myself either..He is going to the vet this Friday but that's to get his first shots, he is eight weeks old. I hope he is okay so that he can get his shots done, they won't give it to him if he is sick right??
Well I'm sure he is fine but this spitting is interesting because I had never heard of a kitten doing that. He doesn't do it to me, he just does it to whatever he is playing with...
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