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Wilbur will be half the man he was this afternoon

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He's getting his little manhood removed today

Poor little guy. The lady said he hides constantly, and stays hidden underneath a blanket hanging over a rack. He doesn't come out to do anything, but eat.

I sure can't wait to get him
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Poor baby! I hope everything goes well!
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Well I guess it's good that he at least comes out to eat. I know you can't wait to get your arms around both of them. Not too much longer now! I know it seems like forever, but it will be here soon.
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Just wondering, is it a requirement that he be neutered before being driven over to meet you? Why have him neutered at this stressful period?
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to be honest I figure it's better to do it now. He's not moving around, he's not doing much. he's going to be even more stressed coming here, and just because he's back with me won't mean it'll be awhile before he calms down because it's still a very new place.

I can't have him spraying. he made my whole condo stink. and I had LOTS of that ionizer cleaner, but I couldn't keep up with him.
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Ah, when I get the mental picture of him spraying the condo, I understand completely
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I'm a little irked right now. He was to go in yesterday, I've sent 4 emails asking how he is and not a single reply.
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Perhaps the lady was busy with stuff and not online when you emailed. Have you gotten any updates yet?
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yeah she SAID she sent an email yesterday, but I know that's not true, because I own the hosting servers and mail servers and i checked the logs. nothing

either way, he's OK! so that's great news.
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Yay for Wilbur successfully becoming half a man!!
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Yeah, glad he is doing OK One more week and you will be together again
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Yes I'm very excited now. I already went to PetCo here and scooped up new bowls, litter pan, litter, and the food I fed them as newborns right when I weaned them from the bottle. I'm also going to take two shirts that I will wear and sweat in so they can get some sense of familiarity when i get them.

I want to make them as comfortable as possible. What sucks is I have to keep them in a bedroom until I can make other arrangements (move to my own place). So I'm afraid they'll be unhappy.

Do cats get claustrophobic if kept in a bedroom? it's not a small one, it's the master, walk in closet, and half bath. I'm just worried. I feel so awful about what I caused them to go through I just want to make up for it as best I can.
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I wouldn't think so - do you think you can set up a window perch or cat tree near a window so they can look out? And, as a vet once pointed out, a bedroom is a heck of a lot bigger than a cage at a shelter. Honestly, I think as long as you can give them lots of play area and maybe a few levels to explore within the master bedroom and a fair amount of play time with you, they'll be ok.

But, I know how you feel - I have two cats in a 1000 foot condo (two bedrooms) and I sometimes think that I really should get something bigger, with stairs, so they can run up and down. Sure, I don't need anything bigger, but for them......
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