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Question of the Day - December 16th

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How long have you known your best friend?

John is my best friend and I've known him for a little over 3 years now.
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Pam, over 20 years We started off as neighbours and it carried on from there
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Oh geez!

I'm 46.

One of my friends I've known since grade 8.

Another since grade 7.

Another since I was 17.

Another since I was 18.

Another since probably 1982 or 1983.

I tend to be leary about becoming friends with people. I've always been like that. I remember by teacher in grade 1 telling my mom that I didn't have any friends in school and that I preferred to go off and play by myself. Which was true. However, I also remember there was a girl in my class that I "watched" and by the end of the year, just before summer, we became friends and remained friends for several years.

I'm not a people collector. I don't consider a full address book full of names and numbers of "acquaintances" important. It takes me a long time to make a friend, but once I do, they tend to be life long friends that I know will be there for me through thick or thin, and vice versa.
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I am 34, and met my best friend when I was 9 - so 25 years...
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Toby is my boyfriend and my best friend
I've known him about 15 years.
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My best friend Tammy was killed last year. I am 37 now and met her in the 7th grade. I suppose now I don't have one. I don't make friends easy. I have online friends here on TCS and one person here in the city that I do stuff with occasionally but that's about it.
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I have 2 in the BFF category and have known both since 1976.

Sis has known her BFF since 1965.
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My sister is my best friend. I've known her for 38 years.
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My best friend and I grew up together shes 50 and I'm 52 next week.We live a mile apart and are still best friends.So we have been best friends all our lives.
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My wife is my best friend......and 9 years of married plus 7 years of relation ship the sum of both is the time.......

(OF course TCS is full of great friends here where I have deposit all my trust!.....)
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My husband is my best friend and has been for over 18 years. We considered each other best friends before we even got romantically involved. We've been married for 3 years now.

For female best friends, one I've known for 14 years (she live 1 1/2 hours away) the other I've known for 8 years (she's in Florida, I'm in West Virginia). Yes, I have 2 best female friends but they get along great! I'm also not one to make friends quickly, but with both of them, the first time we met we just "clicked" and after 15 minutes it felt like I knew them my entire life. We don't talk every day, or even every month...but I know I can count on them and vise versa. I would move heaven and earth for either one if they needed something.
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My best friend Rachael, I've known since kindergarten... so that's about 20 years.

My best friend Jenny, I've known since first grade... so 19 years or so.
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My best friend Vivian and I started school together in 1966 and have been friends ever since. So that makes it almost 43 years.
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Barb & I have been friends since kindgergarten (47 years); unfortunatley she doesn't live here anymore so we're not as close as we used to be.
Kim & I met our freshman year of high school and we've been best buds ever since (38 years). My Dad & her step-Dad even worked together when we were about 6 but we never met until high school.
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Rob is my best friend. I've known him for 33 years.
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My best friend is Ann, I am at her house right now in NY, I live in KY but we talk everyday. We have known each other since we were 5, so 38 years
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My best friend Sarah I have known 20 years, we started pre-school together at the age of two (we are both 22 years old) and have grown up pretty much doing the same things, such as college and work

My other friend Cherri I have known for 18 years, and she moved away 2 years ago. I'm glad we still keep in touch though!

And the newest friend of mine I met whilst working on the Hospital wards, she is a trained nurse I have known her now for at least 3 years.
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Andrew, my fiance, is my best friend. I've known him since January of 2004. So, almost 5 years.

My other best friend I've known since 2003 I believe. We don't talk that much, but I still consider her one of my bestest friends. We're always there for each other through anything.
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Originally Posted by AlleyGirl View Post
My best friend Tammy was killed last year. I am 37 now and met her in the 7th grade.
That's so sad.

My best friend lives in New Zealand, over 14,000 kms away. But we still keep in touch. We've been friends since high school, over twenty years ago.
Of course my hubby and I are best friends too! We meet 13 years ago.
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I have two guys that i Have been friends with since Kindergarten so like 21 years now.

Plus my twin we formed a group we were the 4 muskateers! and we still are!!
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My best friend where I live now I have known for 5 years, but I have a friend I've know for 43 years. We were best friends growing up... we stay in touch but live on opposite sides of the continent now.
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I don't really have a best friend My mom is my closest friend Eileen (eilcon) is my closest non-family friend
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I've know Renae around 14+ years.
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My best friend is my husband, and I've known him for just over 11 years.
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My best friend Lisa I've known since I was five and I'm eighteen now, so that's thirteen years.
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