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Al Sharpiton

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What do you think about Al Sharption[sp?] running for president? I think the man is a biget and a idot.I would move to Canada if he ever got voted in !! Would you vote for him? And why?
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In my opinion, people like Al Sharpton make it harder for people of all races to live together in peace. He claims to be fighting for equality and truth, but he is just a rabble-rouser. I can't believe he would be elected to any public office.
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I've never heard of this person, let alone anything about them.

hmmmm. :/
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Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and Louis Ferrakhan are worse racists than David Dukes. They take advantage of people's ignorance, to further their own agendas.

They claim to want to do great things, for black people but, they only want to keep their own power bases. If black people need leaders and role models, they should look to Condoleeza Rice, Colin Powell, Tiger Woods and their ilk. Stop looking for a handout and do something, to better yourself.

Congressman J.C. Watts once tagged this bunch "poverty pimps". As long as they can make black people think that its an "us against them" agenda, they can spew their B.S., rake in the money and keep living the good life.
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Those are my thought also!!Jesse Jackson is another person, I totally dislike !
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I would definitely lump Sharpton and Farrakhan together. Wasn't there a hoax several years back, where a black teenage girl claimed she was gang raped by white men, where Sharpton was involved? I don't remember the details, just that the girl had an odd first name, and later admitted that the story was made up.
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He came here to the Quad Cities to address "the People" when a young man was on trial last year. He claimed the young man was on trial because he was black. No, the young man was on trial because a state trooper was kiiled as a result of him holding the trooper's hand onto the car door while he dragged him with his car. Black or white or purple, this guy killed a trooper while trying to escape charges.

As a result of Sharpton's visit, the local community college had to up security to "riot" status. Luckily that is not what happened, but still... what does that say about his reputation?
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To hear Al Sharpton tell it, EVERY black man accused of a crime is only accused BECAUSE he's black.
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I don't think there will be a Black President.....
I don't thing there will be a Women President.....

in MY lifetime!!!

The major population of voiting Americans are white males...
(just my opinion)

Here is Al's website he has many good ideas......
actions speak louder than words......

Al's Site
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I have never heard of this person but I would never vote for a Racist person ,
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