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Pet Airways - coming 2009!!!!

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Pet Airways: Ready to EmBARK?

Posted by Jennifer Jones on 12/10/2008 in Articles from Newsletters

Pet Airways, the first pets-only airline specifically designed for the safe and comfortable transportation of animals is scheduled to begin flights in Spring-Summer 2009 to major destinations throughout the continental U.S. Pet Airways will begin taking reservations in February, 2009. What sets Pet Airways apart from major airlines is that pets fly in the main cabin, not in cargo. “Our pets will travel in the main cabin of our specially outfitted aircraft with climate and lighting controlled for comfort and safety and with a trained Pet Attendant always watching over the pets,†the company says.

The airline will offer nationwide coverage with easily accessible check-in lounges in major metropolitan areas. Because people who want to travel with their pets and those who need to move their pets across the country are faced with limited or dangerous transportation choices, Pet Airways aims to make the experience more comfortable and enjoyable. Visit Pet Airways to learn more about how pet travel will be revolutionized at

Learn about the new exclusive partnership between Pets Best and Pet Airways!
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It sounds good but I would want to see how it goes before I would have a pet shipped on it.
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I am excited about it.... I travel a lot... I would use this in a minute! They will be a full on airline... did you go to the website? The service is pretty nice - I would much prefer this than ship my kitty as cargo...
Let's see - I think it's amazing to see a whole airline for pets only!!! WOW!
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I did look at the website.
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hey - you are almost up for the show!!! it starts in 20 minutes... You will love it, I think -
Back to the main post - How can I apologize to myself for hijacking my own thread?
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I will watch it on sat.
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I wish there was something like that in Canada. Our major airline is "Air Canada" and they don't give us an option as to where our pets are when they travel with us. Their policy is absolutely no pets allowed in the main cabin with the passengers unless they are "working" dogs for hearing or sight. All other animals must be transported in the cargo area.

I know American Airlines in the USA allows pets in the cabin, but I don't know if they fly into Canada at some of the larger centres like Toronto or Vancouver. If they do, then those who are going to the states and want to take their pets would be allowed to take them in the cabin, but not if you are flying to the US via Air Canada or one of their subsidiaries.
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America's policy, if I am not mistaken is one animal per flight, less than 8lbs in weight....
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This service looks amazing, but it does look like it will fly to Toronto and Montreal look here This sounds like such a great service that i will definitely use when i go from LA to NY for the summers. Already bought myself a ticket for $50 through their MyPAWS membership.
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Sounds terrific!
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That sounds like my dream job Flying & animals my 2 favourite things!
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Too bad they aren't up and running now! And, Internationally! As it is, Whisky is going to be flying all by himself at the end of January to come be with me in Prague.
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Originally Posted by Miss Mew View Post
That sounds like my dream job Flying & animals my 2 favourite things!
C'mon Tracy, start up your own airline for us Canadians! How hard can it be?
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