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How long can she be in heat?

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It seems like it has been a week already, how much longer can she go on? Since she is deaf, she is painfully loud I called the vet today to see if it was possible to move her spay up to right after Christmas. I really don't want to wait until January. It can't be any fun for her either.
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Cats in heat are loud.
It is not because she is deaf.
She can be in heat at least 3 weeks.
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It varies, some a few days other can last several weeks. And also the time between each heat differs, some cats have only a few days off and start calling again.
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how old are cats when they first come to heat?
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Some cats can come into estrus as early as 4 months old ... there are some things you can do to help ease her symptoms a bit though. Cats experience photoestrus, which means they come in when the light is long enough and the temperature is high enough. Indoor cats don't follow the same rules as outdoor cats, who will come into season in the longer, warmer days of the Spring. Indoor cats have a light and temperature constant, so the chances of them coming into estrus are higher in times when outdoor kitties won't be in heat.

You can try putting her in a cool, dimly-lit room for the duration of her cycle and this will help to ease her symptoms. But you have to be consistant about it because once she is let out, the light and temps will again cause her to come back into estrus.
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Cats are induced ovulators--the act of breeding induces ovulation. They're essentially in heat until they're bred.

I have read of cat breeders using a q tip to simulate the breeding act in order to end heat cycles. If you don't have experience with that method, it's probably not advised, though.

Best to just get her in asap for her spay.
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She will go in and out of heat and the time differs with each cat so it's a tough question to answer. Some vets will spay during heat but it becomes a more complicated procedure and some don't want to do it. You could ask your vet about it.
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My cat just went into heat, and to be honest she isn't very loud at all. She has never been a very loud cat, even her loudest meows can be very quiet.

The only reason I know she is in heat, is because she is very affectionate all of a sudden (more so then usual.) That and she assumes the position a cat does when in heat, the typical rear end held up, and tail in the air.

She is scheduled to be spayed in the next few weeks, but as long as she doesn't become too loud, it hasn't been very bothersome.
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From my understanding, how long a cat is in heat varies from cat to cat. It can be days or weeks.

Harley goes for about a week when she's in heat, and she isn't loud at all. She gets very "mushy"; all she wants is to be close to me (more so than usual), and she craves belly rubs. We're trying to save up to get her spayed, though, since the person I got her from obviously didn't.
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