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Rocky the most wonderful dog in the planet..

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I don't know where to even start. I am just so devastated. He has been ill for awhile and we had a vet appointment scheduled on Monday to get him checked out and he died yesterday morning.

He had just turned 12 in November and last week started showing signs of incontinence (peeing in the house) - that we could deal with and we thought nothing of it. Then he wouldn't eat or drink and kept throwing up everything we gave him this week.

So we scheduled a vet appt. for him for him on Friday for today but the because the doctor was not in Friday to check him out and that got me fusturated and we have no emergency clinics here that would take Rocky because we are not one of their clients. He died yesterday morning before I went to work. I broke down and was late for work. Then when I got home it hit me hard and the pain is unbearable.

Rocky is one of the dogs that is rare to find. We have had him since I was 11 or older. We got him when we had to put our basset/beagle mix down around Christmastime. He filled the void and brings the Christmas/holiday spirit around in this family and it's going to be a very hard Christmas without our Rocky boy. :cry: He's the reason I get very excited for Christmas like I am a little kid all over again. He has always sat beside me at Christmas while I am opening my presents.

He has touched all the people that was lucky enough to meet him. He has touched our family in so many ways and I just feel like my heart has been ripped out and stomped on a million times. :cry:

He never met a person he didn't like and vice versa. Everyone loved him.
He's been to so many family reunions and was in our family Christmas card last year.

He always had a sparkle in his eyes when he looked at you and when he lost that sparkle this week we knew something was terribly wrong with him so we scheduled a vet appt.

I will probably post more pictures later when I feel up to it but this is me and Rocky in Christmas of 2006.

I love you big boy. I know he had a great life with us but I have to say that doesn't make the pain any easier to deal with. When I came home today and he wasn't there to greet me yesterday or today I can't even explain the pain. I just hope he knew how much we loved him.

I love you big guy always and forever. 11-1-96 - 12-14-08
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So sorry about Rocky.
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I'm so so sorry for your loss, Rocky was a handsome boy. Time will heal the pain, but Rocky will always remain in your heart, and the hearts of your family members as well as all who had the honour of meeting your special boy.

Rest in Peace, Rocky. Don some antlers and be your mummy's special dog "reindeer" this Christmas! You'll always be there looking after her, won't you
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Bless his heart, i'm so sorry

Have a wonderful time at the bridge Rocky, but no chasing the kitties mind?! Play nice together

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I'm so sorry...what a handsome boy he was.
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I am so terribly sorry!!

Rocky will live in your heart forever!

RIP sweetie!!
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I'm so sorry about the loss of your Handsome Boy. Rest in Peace Rocky.
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As a fellow dog lover, I feel your pain. There are no words when a dog like Rocky crosses, so I can only offer you hugs.

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I'm so sorry Krista.

Play happily over the Rainbow Bridge, Rocky.
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i'm so sorry that your is hurting... Rocky sounds like he was a great dog! a for Rocky, & some for you...
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My condolences for the loss of your beloved Rocky. RIP, boy.
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I didn't realize I didn't come back to this thread..thank you all so much for your kind words.

Today December 14th you have been gone 2 years. I can't believe it's been that long. I was so blessed to have you for 12, wonderful years. Rather than focusing on your death, I focus on how much you loved life til the day you left us.

Thank you for being such a wonderful friend to me and my family. You loved Christmas and unwrapping your presents. It was so hard losing you towards Christmas since you loved it so much. I do now focus on the good times, there were hardly any bad times with you.

You were such a good boy and we miss you so much. The pain is easier to deal with but you will always be in our hearts. Love you and miss you sweet boy.
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I'm so sorry that Rocky died, he was a beautiful dog!
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Thank you!
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