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I live in a cul-de-sac and my back porch overlooks the street that runs into it, and I was out there having a smoke when I saw three deer in the front yard of the house across the street from my neighbor's! (the side of my neighbor's house is next to our backyard). Mom called Elizabeth (our neighbor and her best friend) and we watched the three deer graze for a few minutes before the house owners came home and then they bounded off! This is the second time in three nights that I've seen them! Travis (my boyfriend) saw six the other night on his way out of my neighboorhood. It's so weird bc I live in one of the busiest parts of town with very little wooded areas, so I can't help but wonder where they live... but anyway I wanted to share it because this is the second time I've seen them!
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Oh, that's wonderful -- deer are such lovely creatures. I hope they're finding enough to eat. If you see them again, snap a picture for us!
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I agree, some pictures of the deer grazing would be lovely (hint hint! )
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Living in the country as I do, I see the wildlife here all the time. This past summer, we had a family of foxes who lived in the cornfield and we've even heard (but not seen) the cry of a bobcat from time to time. There are gorgeous hawks and owls everywhere, the quail and doves are abundant and the rabbits and squirrels are everywhere. I can always tell when there is a stray cat around my place when I don't see the rabbits and squirrels as frequently as I often do.

But I have a friend whose house is on the shore of the Puget Sound and one day while talking with her on the phone, she exclaimed loudly, "Oh LOOK! The Orcas are frolicing out in the sound!" So much for my deer, rabbits and squirrels, huh? *LOL*
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Theres deer near me as well, and as i was on the bus going to work one day, they had decided to go into the field where the cows were. The cows started chasing after them, but they were too quick for them
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You'd be surprised where you will see deer sometimes. I grew up in a city that is nestled between mountains (high population in a small area). I was plodding up to school one morning and a deer literally ran right next to me! She almost knocked me over! Turns out she was freaked out about something and ran downtown and through one of the glass windows of one of the shops. She was sedated and checked out and set free.

I always had to be careful on our street driving home because there is a huge cemetery there, and the deer love to come out there and graze. I once had to stop my car completely because a fawn was apparently not used to asphalt and was afraid to cross the street. Luckily, I was coming home from work at 2:00am so no cars were behind me so I just watched. It was the cutest thing! Mom was on one side of the road trying to coax baby over, and baby just wasn't going. Finally, he decided to go for it and scampered, slid, scurried, and jumped over the road and mom and baby had a reunion. It was just too sweet!
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It is always nice to see wildlife out and about. Living in a semi-small town in Ontario we quite often get animals in our yards. Over the last few years I have had deer, a bear, and several otters in my backyard. It is always a treat when they show up.
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I live in a small town and we get deer all the time, we even had to install a deer fence to keep them out of the backyard. I saw a small red fox for the first time about 2 months ago in our backyard and my cousin says he saw a mountain lion one time on the other side of the fence.
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