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Pet Encounter Therapy

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Not sure if this is the right forum to put this in...

I was wondering if anyone has experience with cats as therapy pets.
I'm thinking of taking Cello for the assessment.

In Brief, he is very curious and outgoing. I can take him in the car, on my bike, on walks, into the pet food store, into neighbours apartments and he is always very well behaved. If he is ever nervous he climbs into his carrier bag (I don't use a cage, but a padded pet bag to take him around when he can't walk) and he is very very friendly, however very very vocal, so I'm not sure if that is a pro or a con.

I am not sure how good he would be as a therapy pet, but I figure taking him for the assessment and training can't hurt.....

This is the program I'm looking at....


Thoughts? suggestions?

The only thing he would need is a rabies update, he hasn't had one since august 07.
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Hello--there's a small posting on this topic a little ways down the list--I was asking, just out of curiousity, whether anyone here knows/knows of any therapy cats. I have worked with them on the "receiving end," but my kitties aren't suited for that kind of work! Best of luck!
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oh thanks! I didn't notice
I read over the thread
seems the consensus is that cats don't make good therapy pets, but I think cello might be an exception. My other cat is a terrific lap cat but change makes her very worried and upset, she barfs everytime she is in the car. But Cello doesn't mind.....
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We have a couple of cats in our Pet Therapy program and they get more relaxed each time they go out. I could take Scully if I had the time as he would love all the attention and people loving on him but I spend enough time on shelter stuff as it is.

We also get the cutest notes when we do have cats go out from cat people who are so glad they could spend time with a cat instead of a dog
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